Monday Morning Feb 13 Trades


Trades issued this morning about 4:30 am EST. Always delivered before 5:30 am EST European news. Trades are done and profits should be earned by no later than 9:30 am EST to 10:00 am EST. Usually trades are done hours before 10. Under the new currency market structure since June 2016,  this system allows for multiple longs and shorts. Or long to target then reverse short. Or Short to bottom then reverse long. Or just sell target. Or long bottom.

No need to ever be greedy and look for the last pip because multiple opportunities exist in 1 currency, 2, 5 or all 7 pairs. Key is allow the exponential growth of account take over and a fast rise will be seen in a short period of time. If the market moves and a trade is missed, leave it alone. Main key is no losses under this system. I won’t allow loses cause I want to sleep at night peacefully. Therefore I ensure success everyday and for as long as a trader stays around. Point in this system, I know where every traded pip is located and ability to profit by every traded pip rather than watching pips go by without profit. See traders report, I earned 100 pips. Okay but 300 pips went by without profit. He earned 100 and lost 200 on the way.

Again. I only take a few. I look for smart, ability, desire, hard workers, Sincerity is huge in my book. Overnight Warren Buffet types, crooks, wiseguys, hot shot know it alls, or if I suspect grief and trouble then I turn those types away. If a trader’s account was crucified by another trade service then I rarely take those guys either. And trust me, I turned more away than agree to help because my service is unique and it doesn’t lose.

Long Short Line 0.7674

Most important 0.7600 and 0.7551

Bottom. 0.7635 achieves by 0.7656 and 0.7644

Upper target 0.7693, Caution Overbought here

Trend down overall



Long Short Line 113.65

Most important 112.44 and 111.65

Bottom. 113.08 achieves by 113.36 and 113.22

Upper target 114.22, Watch 113.93 as continuation / Failure point

Trend Up



Long Short Line 0.7213

Most important 0.7197 and 0.7123

Bottom. 0.7177 achieves by 0.7195 and 0.7186

Upper target 0.7241, Watch 0.7219 as Continuation/ Failure

Trend down


Long Short Line 1.0632

Most important 1.0679 and 1.0747

Bottom. 1.0578 achieves by 1.0605 and 1.0591

Upper target 1.0681,

Watch 1.0679 Vital break point, EUR higher by 1.0647 and 1.0665


Long Short Line 120.83

Most important 120.01 and 119.90

Bottom. 120.22 achieves by 120.53 and 120.37

Upper target 121.35, Watch 121.06 and 121.20

Wide target range 121.35 to 121.61,

Trend up


Long Short Line 1.2507

Most important 1.2407 and 1.2546

Bottom. 1.2444 achieves by 1.2475 and 1.2459

Upper target 1.2544, Watch 1.2546, its break point.

GBP higher by 1.2513, 1.2528 and 1.2544


Long Short Line 142.14

Most important 139.99 and 139.51

Bottom. 141.43 achieves by 141.78 and 141.61

Upper target 142.60 to 142.76

How? 142.22, 142.45 and 142.60

Trend Up


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,