Trade Results Tuesday Feb 14 Morning

AUD/USD. Target 0.7714, reversed from 0.7696 and traded to bottom at 0.7643. That’s + 53. Price path was very normal, typical for AUD.

NZD/USD. High Price 0.7194, shorts below 0.7196. Traded to bottom 0.7159, That’s + 37. Price Path was very normal as usual for NZD.

USD/JPY. Bottom 112.74 held at 113.25. Target 113.83 on must break 113.56, Traded to 114.30’s. Normal Price Path, target off however 113.62 hit before 10:00 am EST hour. Trades good to 10:00 under normal rules.

EUR/USD. 1.0633 reversed to bottom 1.0566, +67. Most important as mentioned reverse would come before 1.0650. Normal Price Path EUR/USD.

EUR/JPY. Target 120.87, perfect. Low 120.22, Bottom 119.73. + 50? Normal Price Path.

GBP?USD. Dropped from 1.2534, below vital break 1.2546. Broke bottom at 1.2483 to 1.2442 then reversed to 1.2489. My Point was 1.2498. Unusual Price Path. Lesson and Rules. Bottom breaks are free trades long. True market gifts. Price must trade back through Bottom point and normally travels to the first point in my series. Price stopped at 1.2489 and 9 pips before my 1.2498. Again. Never wait for the lat pip, 1.2442 to 1.2489 = 47 pips. This and other trades taken results in good profits.

GBP/JPY. Same as GBP/USD. 142.27 reverse to 140.97, Bottom was 141.44. Then traded back to 141.71 for 64 pips. My point was 141.61. Bottom break, again is Free trades, market gifts. GBP/JPY had multiple opportunities. Short from 142.27 to 141.44. Long from 140.97. But Unusual Price Path. Could’ve easily walked from GBP/JPY today as well.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,





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