Trades Feb 15 Morning

More Rules. Once Upper target hits in Europe or America then shorts only for remainder day until 10:00 am EST. I’m viewing this concept under the new Market structures since June 2016 as Long Europe and Short America or Short Europe and Long America. The central banks changed the structure. This system derived from Central banks is in operation for 2+ years and took months upon months of many frustrating nights to complete. Picture Einstein and Theory of Relativity. Einstein had it but to solve needed tweaks. Same for me. I had it but had to play to find tweaks. Only the smart Elite Fx traders and Central banks trade this system and its why it can’t fail. I add as well, Central banks are unfriendly to exchange rates.

Upper Targets are established in Markets since 1898 and they are written in stone without ever a change in future.  A price that breaks long short lines must by Law go to Upper Target but under the new structure, we’ve seen Failures just before target. I add failure points to ensure success on the correct price.

I will post results after 10 am EST.




Long Short Line 0.7674

Most important 0.7610 and 0.7560

Bottom. 0.7635 achieves by 0.7654 and 0.7643

Upper target 0.7695 to 0.7704, Way overbought here

Bottom channel 0.7610, 0.7616, 0.7623

AUD/EUR is 8th Pair but a special Pair for a friend yet special pair due to deep insights to AUD/USD and EUR/AUD as the driver of AUD/USD.

  Long Short Line  0.7252
 Most important 0.7126, 0.7135 and 0.7145
 Bottom. 0.7216 achieves by 0.7234 and 0.7225
 Upper target 0.7282, Caution Overbought here
  Note Most important are bottom channel points
 Overnight range 0.7249 to 0.7287


Long Short Line 114.33

Most important 113.76 and 112.68

Bottom. 113.76 achieves by 114.10 and 113.99

Upper target 114.77

To target 114.64, Watch Continuation Fail point 114.51

Break 114.77 in days ahead then 115.00’s easily

Trend up



Long Short Line 0.7181

Most important 0.7198, 0.7180 and 0.7123

Bottom. 0.7143 achieves by 0.7162 and 0.7151

Upper target 0.7213,

Continuation Fail Point 0.7201

Note most important are strong breaks

Trend down

Long Short Line 1.0581

Most important 1.0640 and 1.0672

Bottom. 1.0527 achieves by 1.0554 and 1.0541

Upper target 1.0632

Continuation Failure point 1.0602

To Target 1.0594, 1.0600, 1.0619 and 1.0640. Up Channel 1.0640

Trend down


Long Short Line 120.98

Most important 120.19 and 119.93

Bottom. 120.37 achieves by 120.68 and 120.52

Upper target 121.42

Continuation Fail Point 121.38

To Target 121.06, 121.20, 121.34



Long Short Line 1.2467

Most important 1.2413 and 1.2542

Bottom. 1.2404 achieves by 1.2435 and 1.2420

Upper target 1.2518

Continuation Fail 1.2498

GBP stuck 1.2413 to 1.2542 but trends begin 1.2644 and 1.2440

Trend down

Long Short Line 142.53

Most important 140.26 an 139.88

Bottom. 141.82 achieves by 142.17 and 141.99

Upper target 142.92

Continuation Fail Point 142.88

I would play GBP/JPY from shorts only side


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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