Trump, Tax Proposals and Political Violence

If Politics is driving the economic system, events on the horizon are astounding from economics to political violence. Previously mentioned was the Democrats were forming protest movements against Trump and would operate on a level never before seen in the modern day.
The day is here as Barack Obummer and the Democrats formed the OFA along with Soros and the Communist Party USA. Members are/ were well trained to cause chaos like we’ve never seen in the modern day. The purpose is to overwhelm Trump and the American Political system.
The Democrats are reverting to their old political violence ways in the South Pre Woodrow Wilson and are masters at the game of violence. When Wilson became president, he wrote a series of books which wiped clean 1830 to 1912 Democrats in political violence, Anti – Civil Rights, anti – Black, Pro Slavery, anti – Voting, pro KKK. The list is endless and its all well documented. But this is who the Democrats are and what they represent. Wilson’s books allowed the Democrats to hide their true identity by adoption of a 100 year public relations campaign to great success. As opinions replaced facts in the modern day, the Democrats became the majority party and Republicans were falsely tagged as the party of destruction and economic ruin.
The Republicans Border Tax bill first addresses the questions are taxes imposed based on company Sale or Production. The United States taxes based on production but problems occur when a product is exported and sold in another nation as the sale in other nations are taxed. American exports suffer double taxation from home and abroad. Other nations tax exports based on sale destinations and export taxes are paid to home nations. Since the US doesn’t tax based on sales, imports are not taxed and foreign products enjoy free tax reign in the US. American products manufactured in the US and destined for export under the Border Bill won’t be taxed to alleviate the double taxation dilemma. American competitevness at home and abroad would then enjoy a stunning boost to bottom lines.
Not only are Corporate Tax rates proposed at 20% but Incomes won’t any longer become subject to tax as the US system moves to a pay as you go consumption based system. Prior to Democrats passage of the Income Tax under Wilson and the 16th Amendment, the United States operated for the first 124 years of its existence based on Tariff and Consumption taxes. The Internal Revenue Service as an agency will be cut as tax forms will be the size of a post card. Under Republicans, Income tax elimination could easily become reality because Democrats can’t fight Republican proposals in the political system due to lack of votes.
Lawrence Lindsey states from 2011 to 2015, capital formation dropped 50% in the US. To reverse this disaster, Tax Deductions on investments will enjoy full depreciation deduction in the first year rather than X amount over many years.
Current tax law for vast vast amounts of American companies monies overseas owe to the US government earnings from taxes. The new tax bill would allow a one time repatriation tax to allow money to come to the United States. The proposal under favorable corporate tax treatment is company need to store money overseas would be eliminated.
Trump is setting up the United States to become a full blown economic powerhouse not seen in many decades. With Republican majorities in Congress and support of business, Trump’s rates of success is extremely high. But this success if seen will come at a price.
If successful, Trump wipes clean the Democrats love of high taxes, social programs and big government. Trump proposes to cut taxes , cut government, bring prosperity and eliminate the need for Social rescue programs. Last time the Democrats were in the wilderness was when America prospered at the time America was built from 1860 to Wilson in 1912. Trump proposes to increase Defense spending. Traditional Democrats cut Defense spending to offer social welfare programs.
While Trump offers prosperity and wipes out the Democrat Party, one can understand why the Democrats are coming hard and fast and why they resort to Political Violence.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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