Trades Feb 23

Most Important factor to exchange rates and trading is exchange rates  change faster than anyone knows what happened. This is the last day for below trades because what worked in the last few weeks is rapidly changing. Why traders come and stay is because I not only adjust but I see it coming. The few free rider guys looking for free money will gladly fail shortly and they will go broke. I’ve seen this a million times in my days. But just view fxstreet. An entire website is devoted to account destruction. Signal service after signal service is devoted to your destruction. I placed trades here for the few to understand and decide to jump on board or refrain. What materializes is the free rider types. These are exchange rates and the exchange part changes.



Long Short Line 0.7691

Most Important 0.7639 and 0.7587

Bottom. 0.7653 and 0.7652 achieves by 0.7668 and 0.7664

Upper target 0.7720

0.7639 = Bottom channel


Long Short Line 113.26

Most Important 113.34 and 111.99

Bottom. 112.69 achieves by 112.93 and 112.86

Upper target 113.73

Continuation Failure 113.52

Trend Up



Long Short Line 0.7206

Most Important 0.7201, 0.7174 and 0.7124

Bottom. 0.7171 achieves by 0.7195 and 0.7184

Upper target 0.7220

Trend down



Long Short Line 1.0556

Most Important 1.0644 and 1.0697

Bottom. 1.0502 achieves by 1.0534 and 1.0514

Upper target 1.0601

Trend down



Long Short Line 119.56

Most Important 120.60 and 119.72

Bottom. 118.94 and 118.99

Upper target 120.08

Trend down as 119.72 holds

Long Short Line 1.2438

Most Important 1.2430 and 1.2514

Bottom. 1.2378 achieves by 1.2393 and 1.2384

Upper target 1.2492

Trend down




Long Short Line 140.87

Most Important 140.89 and 140.07

Bottom. 140.16 achieves by 140.52 and 140.33

Upper target 141.40

Trend? 140.89 Decides

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