Trump and Syria

Obummer’s Iran nuclear deal and $400 million booty as assistance contains implications to only add to the complicated dimensions of the Middle East. The two major powers, Russia and the US, involvement further adds to the powder keg known as the Middle East.
The Middle East since Muhammad and Cousin Ali founded Islam in the 7th Century at Mecca and Medina experienced a split. Founders of the majority Sunnis followed Muhamed and minority Shittes followed Ali. Today’s two great rivals are Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran As populations grew over centuries, 12 Caliphates born from the similar 12 tribes of Israel were established as the ruler class.
The Caliphates, Rashidun, Umayyad ( Damascus, Syria Capital), Abbasid ( Capital Baghdad), Fatimid (Capital Tunisia, Shiites), Ayyubid ( Capital Cairo), Mamluk ( Capital Cairo), Almohad, ( Morrocco), Ottoman (Capital Turkey, Constantinople ), Sokoto ( Nigeria), Khalifat ( India), Sharifin. Ahmadiyya. Over time factions within and among Caliphates were established by wars, by elections, by economics, by rich v poor or by wishes for power alone.
Syrians are Sunni’s but majority ruling Alawites, Saudi Arabia are majority Sunnis but are followers and rulers of Salafi’s and Whahbbi’s. Then come Gulf Arab states various factions. The Palestinians are majority Sunni’s but unlike counterparts play both sides of the Sunni V Shiite divide. Iraq Sunni’s are minority rulers in a majority Shiite state.
The Kurds are Christians, The Druze are Christians, Coptic Christians of Egypt, Maronites in Lebanon are Christians. Armenians, Assyrians and Chaldeans are Christians.
Terrorists were all born from the 1900 – 1920 establishment of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Al Queda and ISIS are Sunni’s. ABU Bakr are Sunni’s, Hezbollah are Shittes.
Why Syria and problems. ISIS is the Islamic State of the Levant, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria born from the most conservative Salafi’s and Whahabbi’s of Saudi Arabia. ISIS shares the Iran Shittes end of days scenario where the final battle will be seen in Dibiq Syria. The 12 Imam or the Madhi will release its treacherous forces and end the world as is the belief.
The current ISIS headquarters are Roqqa Syria. Alawhittes of Syria under Bahar Assad are traditional minority classes since Aaad’s father ruled from WW1. Levant is the East Mediteranean and includes wishes for installation of the Rahidun Caliphate of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iraq and parts of Jordan.
The Levant was the ruling borders until the British and French split the levant into individual states by Sykes- Pico after WW1. ISIS desires are to eliminate Sykes -Pico.
Trump bombed Homs, location of the slaughter of 30,000 when the Muslim Brotherhood failed in ts 1982 attempt to oust the Alawhites.
Russia’s allies as well as border allies are Iran and friends for 1000 years. The Sunni Arabs and Shiites are factions across and within border states almost to numerous to mention here in this quick introduction and never to become friends.
Obummer allowed Iran more power by not only the Iran Deal itself but the $400 million and release of sanctions. . Release of sanctions allowed Iran again access to banking and finance. Obummer also allowed Russia to walk into the Middle East unabated. This means Russia has a seat at the negotiating table if and / or when the Syria conflict ends.
Does Trump want this involvement, was the current airstrike plopped on his lap by Obummer and without choice. With Assad gone, who rules Syria. The answers aren’t easy and all choices are horrendous.


Brian Twomey