Weekly EUR/USD and Cross Pairs: levels, Ranges, Targets


EUR/USD. Vital break points below 1.0548, 1.0530 then 1.0497 and 1.0478. Above 1.0634, 1.0674, 1.0685 and 1.0727.

EUR/JPY.  Vital break points below 113.89, 115.07, Above 116.00 and 116.57. Longer term, dropping 118.54, 119.62 and 120.07.

EUR/CHF. Vital break points below 1.0598 and 1.0546. Above 1.0695, 1.0711, 1.0743 and 1.0797.

EUR/CAD. Vital break points below 1.4117, 1.4062, 1.4044 and 1.3976. Above 1.4229, 1.4236, 1.4307 and further out 1.4593.

EUR/NZD. Vital Break points below 1.5064, 1.5022 and 1.4988. Above 1.5182, 1.5267 and 1.5343.

EUR/AUD. Vital break points below 1.3910 and 1.3840. Above 1.4091, 1.4097, 1.4133, 1.4168 and 1.4209.

EUR/GBP. Vital break points below 0.8416, 0.8375 and 0.8162. Above 0.8531, 0.8574, 0.8579 and 0.8588.


Brian Twomey



WTI: Levels, Ranges, Targets

I define WTI as a USD currency pair but operates under a different name because WTI and the interest rate curve responsible for WTI’s price and movements shares a perfect 100% correlation to its interest rates. For WTI not to correlate 100% means its price is wrong and mislocated therefore forecast abilities becomes an abnormal game of chance. The same scenario holds true for all market instruments to include currency prices.
Bond and interest rate markets were closed Friday and CPI as well as Retail Sales both reported lower prices. The side bar to CPI is it was written and forecasted to report lower for April because 0.6 CPI for March was far to high by at least 20 to 40 basis points. A check on Friday’s “investors”, WTI ranged 0.57 from 53.40 to 52.83 and closed at 53.18. As Bond and interest rate markets open again Monday, WTI must properly reprice from Thursday closes to a lower CPI and Retail Sales therefore volatility has potential. Yet 53.18 holds for 24 hour trades.
The bottom side vital break point is located at 53.01 in order to target the bottom level at 52.91. Next after 52.91 is a range point at 52.64. Range points always hold more credence to a trade able level therefore 52.64 is expected to hold. Below 52.64 in days ahead, next point is 51.58. The strategy is long the bottom and free long trade below 52.91. The target from 52.91 is 52.99 and 52.91 from 52.64.
The topside must break is located at 53.27 to target 53.46. The target achieves its destination by 53.19, 53.22 and 53.23, 53.27, 53.32, 53.38, 53.42 and target 53.46.
Longer term, USD interest rates are low therefore WTI requires a yield advantage and positive news to travel higher. The next targets above in days ahead are 53.71, 54.10 and 54.57.


Brian Twomey