GDP: Past, Present and Future

To read the hundreds of Podesta e mails is to understand the striking revelations to the term ideology as defined by a belief in govt power as solutions to every societal problem or private sector as the force for good. Ideology is separated by political party as in private sector Republican V Government conviction in Democrats to include Labor as it relates to the wider group of nations.
New to the concept of ideology from the Podesta e- mails is a deep, deep division between Republicans, Democrats / Labor. The division is purely psychological as Democrats truly believe private sector Republican beliefs are radical and the opposite is true as Republicans believe Democrats are radicals. Its impossible for the two divisions to ever meet in the center to solve or address policy. Think lower V higher taxes, government healthcare V private sector, Stimulus V non, Bank failure V Rescue, belief in markets or non. The divisional list is endless and its Democrats and Labor’s agenda driven purpose to divide as they seek government growth and power at every and all costs.
GDP for example under Obummer was the lowest string of readings and dates so far to the George H.W. Bush presidency from 1988 to 1992. George W Bush GDP beat Obummer and Clinton. GDP under Republicans always outperforms Democrats and by wide margins in percentage, Index and many other terms. Clearly, economic realities under Republicans are always far better to the wider society.
The commonalities to Democrats is all severely cut defense spending which means Democrats begin presidencies in GDP negative territory. The commonalities to Republicans is they cut income and other taxes and historically by wide margins. The economic boom of 2003 to 2006 was the result of George W Bush substantial tax cuts. Democrats further love for higher taxes enhanced the deep negative pocket to bring GDP prosperity. High GDP and Democrats is an oxymoron.
The implications to the 9/11 terrorist attack had far reaching consequences as 2011 was the dividing line from true prosperity in GDP from Reagan and George H.W. Bush to current day. GDP never fully recovered from 9/11.
Minus Postal workers, Federal government employees from Reagan to current day number about 2.9 million but far higher 3.3 to 3.5 under Obummer and Slick Willie Clinton. Political appointments lacks an argument as cause because traditional number of political appointments number roughly 20,000 persons and roughly 10,000 higher under Democrats.
A possible explanation to the 9/11 GDP polemic is government budgets skyrocketed from 1.2 trillion under George H.W Bush to 3 and 4 trillion today. Growth in present and new government programs is fully responsible to explain government growth swallows the private sector and limits GDP’s ability to rise. Roughly the same number of employees now administer many more programs.

Brian Twomey