What happened to fxrenew.com. I traded 80+ currency pairs and posted here on site, performed better than expected as scores were high.  I’m in right, nope.

Thy asked me to place $2,000 and trade the account month to month for their inspection. Meanwhile I’m supposed to take the position of day trader and earn their subscribers profits. Peter from Thomson introduced me, multitudes of past trades were reviewed by fxrenew and I embarked on yet another set of trades. A money manager hired by fxrenew was so terrible a trader, he nearly wiped out all fxrenew subscriber base. Subscribers bolted. That’s why the new skepticism. I refused to open the $2,000 account. Trades and recommendations wasn’t enough, nope. So I never bothered with these guys again. To bad for their subscribers because they would’ve been driving BMW’s and had multitudes of money by now.

Although recently I told these guys all about themselves. So old Brian doesn’t have a way to go and fxstreet is a waste of time. MIFID 2 is coming, which means free research offered by institutions goes away because its not allowed to post freely anymore. MIFID 2 goes into effect in the fall. Independents like me will have huge benefits because I can post and write freely.

I been trying like hell to completely sign out of this blog, fxstreet and all the rest because its not worth the time and trouble anymore. I’m lost among a large crowd of lightweights and all have money and sites behind them. But then they keep pulling me back in.

Good example is fxrenew, they win sometimes, lose sometimes but never consistent,  here http://fxrenew.com/forex-blog/video-forex-trading-opportunities-week-ahead-1-may-17/


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