USD/JPY and Trump: Levels, Ranges, Targets

After the Democratic party 4 months later failed to find evidence to the Trump /Russia campaign collusion, the attack on Trump enters a new phase as intelligence was shared with the Russians. Its not enough anonymous NSA sources are dropping false information but the Telestrator assisted by Democrat partners in the news media report the story every which way possible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Two aspects are at work and all lead to further chaos.
Trump is moving swiftly to eliminate Obummer’s economic punishing regulations. Read a few hundred regulations from the Federal Register as I did then look closely at Mao’s Cultural Revolution and one will find Obummer followed Mao’s regulation plan to perfection. Obummer and the Democrat Party goals were regulate Social, Cultural, Political and economics to the point to stop America dead from movements. Stop America solidifies Democrat power for decades in the future under Joe Stalin, Mao controls. The Democrats must stop Trump or Obummer’s legacy and modus operandi will be unveiled.
Democrats next phase plans were foiled when Hillary lost in what was suspected as a sure win. Who is D.C outisder Trump but a thief who stole the election. Through newly formed Democrat organizatios and NSA connections, anonymous sources worked 4 months to release false NSA information and to prove the Russia campaign connection and hence declare Trump an illigitimate president. The overall Democrat goal is to break Trump psychologically. America is at war and the Democrats are on the offensive.
Trump needs the sleepy Republicans to resolidify their power and fight the Democrats with a sledge hammer. Eliminate daily press briefings is a small start as the press is Trump’s greatest enemy. Trump should pardon Flynn, fire every Obummer employee in intelligence and parade the guilty in handcuffs in front of America. Top Democrat intelligence figures are perfect targets for arrest and jail, Hillarious included. If Trump doesn’t find a sledge hammer then chaos ratchets up many more notches.

USD/JPY hit reported 113.75 and bolted lower to next reported level at 112.93. USD/JPY now sits far oversold at 112.76. Most vital supports are located at 112.30, 112.43 and 112.78.
Above points are located at 113.09, 113.69 and 114.12. At 114.12 was this morning 114.20. Range breaks overall remain 111.00’s to 115.00’s. Specifically 111.48 below. Confirming to oversold is EUR/USD is far overbought.


Brian Twomey

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