GBP/USD and Cross Pairs: Levels, Ranges, Targets


GBP/USD. Break points 1.2778 and 1.2760. Extreme sell points above: 1.2995, 1.3105, 1.3161, 1.3170. Below extreme long points 1.2857, 1.2715 then descends upon a break at 1.2778 and 1.2760 to 1.2537 and 1.2492. Widest extreme range 1.3370 to 1.2200’s.

GBP/JPY. Break points 143.53 and 142.18 Vs 157.41 and 158.80. Currently overbought and outright sell on Range indicators.

GBP/CHF. Break points 1.2478 Vs 1.2556. GB/CHF is screaming for a big move due to the range pressure on current price.

GBP/CAD. Break points: 1.6873 and 1.7104, Currently oversold and outright buy from Range indicators. Oversold and outright buy remains consistent against AUD/CAD and NZD/CAD.

GBP/NZD. Break points 1.7800 and 1.8070. Currently oversold. GBP/NZD is the granddaddy mover among currency pairs.

GBP/AUD. Break points 1.6942 and 1.6897.

GBP/EUR. Break points 1.1593 and 1.1480, Currently oversold, outright buy from Range Indicators. Break points translate to EUR/GBP at 0.8625 and 0.8710.


Brian Twomey


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