USD/ASIA: Levels, Ranges, Targets


In light of North Korea, Chinese aggression in the South China Sea islands. How’s Asia currencies doing.


USD/CNY. From 6.8055 close, above break points 6.8330, 6.8343 and 6.8603 Vs 6.5730. Outright buy from Range indicators. Current price is oversold and severely far to low and seen from severe range problems. Nothing exists inside the current price except a lost wandering, random price.

USD/HKD. From the 7.8122 close, Break points 7.7930, 7.7862 and 7.7705. USD/HKD is miles upon miles overbought, Outright sell signals from range indicators. So severe are range problems, USD/HKD cannot sit in its present location. A big big move is ahead.

USD/KRW. From close at 1153.78, Break points 1143.68, 1130.06, 1124.97 and 1101.80. Outright sell signal from range indicators. Overall range is okay. Overbought.

USD/MYR. From close at 4.2990, break points are located at 4.3257 and 4.3397, far below at the 14 day average or 3143 days is 3.4982. USD/MYR is in good shape overall in range conditions and its price is neutral to oversold. Bank Negara was and remains a smart, smart central bank.

USD/PHP. From close at 50.579, Break points, 50.1792, 49.9558 and the 14 year average at 46.2330. USD/PHP is far far overbought and Range indicators reveal outright sell. Overall range conditions are okay.

USD/RUB. From close at 60.3850, Break points 58.8224, 57.3962 and 5 year average at 48.8276. The 14 year average is located at 36.7158. Currently overbought and outright sell on range indicators. Overall noise to range is okay.

USD/SGD. From close at 1.3824, break points 1.3914, 1.3921 and 1.3455 Vs 1.4310. SGD is oversold and lower means more oversold. Overall however this currency pair is in good shape.

USD/THB. From close at 34.109, Break points 34.2986, 34.3196 and 33.6061 at the 14 year average. Near term overbought, long term the Baht price is on the floor oversold and has much room higher to run.

USD/INR. From close at 64.625, Break points 64.5968 Vs 65.0225. The 5 year average is located at 62.2854 and 8 year average at 56.2499. Nothing special in INR. Range sell signal is close. Overall, USD/INR is in good shape.


Brian Twomey


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