EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CAD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

And the winners of the American political system, first prize goes to Russia, Putin and his failure to become Peter the Great. Russia since Lenin and Stalin became specialists in chaos to other nation’s political systems. Kruschev in 1956 stated ironically at the Polish Embassy in Moscow, ” we will bury you from within”.

Close second winner goes to the Democrat Party to control the agenda, news media, policy and news media debates.

Close third winner goes to the news media to have public believe E mails caused markets to move. Fascinating as mind control and Janis groupthink became the new order of the day and all are falling to guilty.

Monday’s MA interest rate curve was 1.99, and dropped to 1.15 yesterday while today we are back at 2.00. The move yesterday was baked in while today is expected another move due to current price and location.

GBP/USD MA big line break is located at 1.2777. A break here then GBP goes far lower. Monday’s break points were 1.2778 and 1.2760. The marriage occurred at 1.2777. The BOE views the 1.2778 line today as must breaks at 1.2793, 1.2778 then 1.2761. Currently GBP is highly oversold and sits in do or die mode at 1.2777.

GBP Above must breaks are located at 1.2859 then comes 1.2874 and 1.2889. Further out comes 1.2916 and 1.2958.

USD/CAD. Overall Range points are located from 1.3023 to 1.2785, a 238 pip range and quite wide. CAD break points below are located from 1.2855 and 1.2882 to see 1.2839. Above 1.2925, 1.2953 and 1.2998. The big break is located at 1.3183. USD/CAD is highly oversold and focus on the upside should become current strategy.

EUR/USD. Highly overbought EUR/USD must breaks are located today at 1.1424, 1.1394 and 1.1365. Focus on the downside is current strategy. What holds EUR is big line break at 1.1156.

Congratulations for expert analysis to respected Fxstreet Goncalo Moreira for his paper on NFP.


Brian Twomey


Brian Twomey

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