EUR/USD and 50 Year Periods: Levels, Ranges, Targets

50 year market periods derive from 4’s because the BOE wa established in 1694 therefore next 50 year periods run to years 1744, 1794, 1844, 1894, , 1944 and 1994. Year 1944 was vital and typical historically as a new period because Bretton Woods 1% ranges in exchange rates were established. View number 4 in relation to 5 as the first start of the counting system and moving averages in multiples of 5.

From roughly 12 year increments broken down into 4 quadrants, the 1st period from 1994 runs to 2006. As expected in historic parallels in 1st periods, prosperity and trends become the dominant theme. From 2003 to 2006, economic boom times dominated and EUR overall in the 1st period went on a rampage higher from 0.8200 to about 1.3300’s.

To define the current 2nd period, add 12 years to 2006 and 2018 becomes the next vital inflection point. Ironically, its an important election year in the United States. Historic 2nd periods are corrective from 1st period trends and 2nd periods experience crashes and / or market changes. The 2008 crash was 2nd period. The free float in currencies was seen directly on the verge of the 2nd and 3rd periods which ran from 1944 to 1994.

Taken from 1972, year 2008 and the crash hit exactly on the 2 and 3 quadrant point. Add 12 to 2008 and the result is 2020. The larger dominant quadrant from 1994 informs 2018 is a crucial year and taken from the free float then 2020 becomes vital to mark the next 12 year period.

In current 2017 marks indecision year just as 2007 was an indecision year. Markets historically in every previous period in endings and beginnings experience indecision years. Markets lack a clue, trend, substance or direction in indecision years. Possibly we can view markets as a restructure and / or preparation for the new period ahead.

The import to today was define 2018 and what’s ahead due to the 323 year perfect accuracy in 50 year periods. Two persons understand periods, the great Martin Armstrong and my old college friend David Knox Barker. Barker has been studying and trading K, Wall and Kondrontieff waves, short and long periods and business cycles continuously since the early 1980’s. Only Barker could write a master’s thesis on Waves and biblical histories from Leviticus 25. Barker today is touted as one of the world’s foremost experts on waves and cycles.

GBP/USD resides in the same position as yesterday at break points from 1.3083 and below at 1.3030. Yesterday was 1.3051 to 1.3095. Don’t look for the 1.3083 break but rather look short to 1.3030.

EUR/USD. Target at 1.1686 and 1.1664 should stop the up move for today. The bottom break point today is 1.1606 as opposed to yesterday’s 1.1602.

USD/JPY supports today are located at 111.56 and 111.69 and upper break point at 112.10.

EUR/JPY massive resistance is found at 130.52 and 130.77

Brian Twomey