EUR/USD, G10 and Healthcare: levels, Ranges, Targets


Healthcare now experiences the clash of the titans as 1960’s Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s passage of Medicare under Congressional Democrat super majorities confronts America’s Bummer takeover of Insurance. The political perfect storm created by America’s Bummer remains.

Democrats want and always envisioned since the 1930’s under Democrat President Roosevelt Socialized medicine or to soften the words to convince the masses, Single Payer. Democrat takeover of Insurance married private sector insurance to Medicare.
The 50ish conservative Republicans remaining in Government today want Insurance separated from government. Remainder Republicans want a rearrangement of the Medicare / Insurance relationship which leaves Obummer’s healthcare law fairly intact. Meanwhile insurance in the private sector again means Insurance has a chance again for profits, to increase its policy offerings and to remain a viable entity over years.

If Insurance loses then Medicare and socialized medicine wins which means the masses receive a medical card and wait forever to cure healthcare ills. In the end, the masses won’t ever receive healthcare and it takes a view of the UK National Healthcare system as well as Canada to understand what’s ahead if Insurance loses.

If Insurance loses and Democrats win then 1/6 of the economy is controlled by Democrats in the form of revenue to the Democratic Party by the many interest groups to include hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical, trial lawyers, public sector unions to name a few. For revenue, the Democrats are selling the masses ability to obtain healthcare. Wonders of the public Single Payer message vs true revenue intentions is the actual clash. Watch those Insurance stocks.

Overbought EUR/USD target today is located at 1.1743. Supports are located at 1.1667 and 1.1642.

GBP/USD. In the way of today’s target at 1.3148 is 1.3098 and 1.3134. Supports are located at 1.3069 and 1.3034.

AUD/USD watch the bounce at 0.7939 and also watch the target at 0.8005 and 0.8019.

NZD/USD big line break today is located at 0.7539 and not expected to hit. NZD/USD today is serious off kilter. Caution NZD.

EUR/JPY big line breaks today are located at 130.18 and 130.39 vs below at 129.51 and 129.18.

USD/JPY Mind the gaps between 111.16 and 111.97. Strong supports at 110.68 and 110.89.

GBP/JPY. Breaks at 144.72 and 145.10 means either 144.54 and bounce or 145.43 and 145.78 then the fall.
Overall, today’s exchange rates are misaligned which means good possibility for volatility.

Brian Twomey