G10 and Healthcare: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Further follow up to healthcare. Single Payer if implemented would throw all insurance policy holders into Medicare and Medicaid, the 1960’s Lyndon Johnson programs passed under Congressional Democrat super majorities. Current unfunded liabilities for Medicare are running at $48 trillion ish, Medicaid is running at $87 trillion. So disastrous they practically stopped counting. And Obummercare fails to enter the equation.

1930’s Social Security passed under Roosevelt and Congressional Democrat super majorities and running yearly deficits at about $90 billion, $69 billion about in 2015. Unfunded liabilities are running at about 23.1 trillion. Total unfunded liabilities runs what + $100 trillion.

Stockholm Syndrome McCain rescued the system by a no vote. The yes vote for the masses and the economic system is for Obummercare to explode then disappear along with Healthcare Insurance and hospitals. All are owned by the Democrats under Obummercare. Mini clinics which are actually mini hospitals are beginning to appear in many states. Healthcare is heading in this direction as more and more clinics appear. Kansas reinvention is the perfect example.

The Kansas clinic maintains on time appointments along with a full slate of hospital equipment for every health test and a pharmacy. They don’t deal in insurance. Mode of payment is cash. Imagine a price list as $10 for colds and $5 for medications, $20 for Bronchitis, $100 for cancer, operations $500. Specialized healthcare is addressed at particular clinics. Healthcare lacks speed, a production line under stagnant volume.

Praise for Mcain? See the 1980’s Savings and Loan and 1990’s House Bank scandals.

Thanks to many comments on past articles and thanks for trade service inquiries. Come straight, honest and sincere then good chance for acceptance. Otherwise don’t bother. We trade 9 pairs successfully 24/7 , 365. The new edition is drop CHF in favor of USD/CAD.

Upcoming. EUR/USD V EUR/JPY V USD/JPY. The current market needs a closer inspection.

EUR/USD. Target on the upside is 1.1778 while bottomside longs are located at 1.1677 and 1.1669.

USD/JPY supports are located at 110.26 and 110.47. The upside hurdle is 110.74 and big break line at 111.57. Watch this area at 111.57 as the topside is rising. Yesterday for example the break was 111.42. A break of 111.57 sees next 111.98. USD/JPY is setting up for a good move in days ahead and deserves a closer view.

GBP/USD. Topside target is 1.3191 provided 1.3175 breaks. To see 1.3092 and 1.3075 then the break at 1.3110 comes first.
EUR/JPY massive resistance remains built into EUR/JPY’s current price at today’s 130.18, 130.29 and 130.58. We’re looking at 130.32 as target but may not see it today. Supports below begin at 129.39 and 129.24.

Brian Twomey

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