G10 and North Korea: Levels, Ranges, Targets

And the effect North Korea has on the currency price? Big fat Zero. Since America’s Bummer allied to the Muslim Brotherhood by the 2009 Cairo speech, strengthened ties to Iran and adopted the TPP Trade deal, the world was placed on the war front over the past years.

If the Korean War negotiations as well as Slick Willie Clinton’s payoff to the North Koreans to allow the build of current missiles is the guide, one will note how the North Koreans are the best negotiators the world has ever known. They will bring the world to the brink then back down. Does anyone honestly believe the North Koreans would risk utter disaster by firing a missile. And especially since the North Koreans have been working on the current missile program since the 1950’s when the Korean War ended. Why not build missiles as the Russians then Chinese left the North Koreans as allies since the Korean War and the South Koreans remain enemies. The North Koreans are surrounded by enemies and weak alliances.

The Democrat Party again led America down the deep dark path to destruction. True to form, this time it was a foreign policy disaster as was the Iranian hostage crisis, Vietnam, WW2, WW1 and fear of the Chinese to not eliminate Pyongang. The Democrats must be making the world “Safe for Democracies’ as was the Wilson slogan.

The overall effect to the currency price will be another fat Zero, Zed. Did the currency price move when the North Koreans tested missiles the last 20 times.

EUR/JPY. I’m watching current break points at 127.90, 127.53 and 127.47. Breaks will see 125’s. Above break point is located at 131.49. Rough resistance area today is located at 129.65 and 129.71. Resistance remains built into current prices and EUR/JPY is far out of kilter to EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

EUR/USD. Break points 1.1713 Vs 1.1785.

USD/JPY above break point is 110.21 and below `109.86 and 109.69.

GBP/USD Break points 1.2978 and 1.3003 Vs 1.3037 and 1.3067. Not only is the BOE aware of North Korea by protecting GBP but GBP/USD is priced not to move.


Brian Twomey


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