G10 and Trump Council


As Trump appeared set up by the few corporate names and Trumka from the SEIU gangsters, the belief is Trump saw this coming as he has maintained ability to remain one step ahead throughout his presidency. The early meetings with Trumpka and the corporate names had to determine loyalty questions. Trumpka was unquestioned as non loyal yet he was picked for the council. Was the set up actually a reverse as a means to reveal non loyalty to America by company resignations.
Disney for example is a command and control run company and was run this way since at least the 1980’s under Michael Eisner. As a corporate citizen, Disney fails miserably as they disappoint communities in any and all assistance. Money comes into Disney but never goes out.

The question is how many major American companies house corporate treasury departments outside the United States such as General Electric and others in Ireland. And when are they coming home to contribute to America. Is Disney located in Ireland and if so under high taxes and repatriations, chances are good Disney isn’t coming home therefore offered nothing to Trump’s council from the beginning.

View the loyalty question from F Roosevelt. Roosevelt lacked a chief of staff as the position wasn’t created until Truman and passage of the various Executive Office of the Presidency laws. Roosevelt was master at the palace intrigue as he never trusted himself so he tested loyalties from agency heads.

Are far right and far left groups protesting against each other. No, communism married fascism and Muslim Brotherhood to form one big power run by the Democrats. All funded by the Russians and Arabs. Protests will be much worse from here. Charlottesville was a warm up, a dry run. Recommended read to details on political thought is the Politics of Aristotle.

EUR/USD awaits 1.1673 as the next por of call. Longs must clear 1.1713, 1.1727, 1.1732 and big line at 1.1736. EUR boke bottom,
GBP/USD 1.2851 and 1.2859 determines 1.2843 and 1.2827 or above 1.2925.


NZD/USD. 0.7306 and 0.7333 above or 0.7301, 0.7292 and 0.7283.

EUR/JPY remains at its low end current at 1.2871, 128.87 then 1.2901.

USD/CAD 1.2601 or 1.2632.


Brian Twomey