USD Currency Pairs: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Following are ranges and range points for USD pairs. The pairs should hold its ranges yet won’t drift far from offered prices.

Wednesday is PMI day for EUR and USD while CAD lacks any data releases.

USD/JPY, 108.81 to 110.26. At 110.26 rose from 110.19 over the past few days. Its a must break point to travel higher over coming days.

USD/CAD 1.2504 to 1.2655. At 1.2655 is a bit high, more likely is lower 1.2600’s. Today for example USD/CAD high break point was 1.2608.

USD/CHF 0.9612 to 0.9728

USD/ZAR 13.15 to 13.26 and 13.33

USD/CZK 22.0756 to 22.2779 and far above at 22.4947

USD/SEK 8.0604 to 8.1292

USD/PLN 3.6134 to 3.6437, PLN is Poland and a great pair to trade. Poland is an economic leader currently and a smart, well run  central bank.

USD/SGD 1.3547 to 1.3659

USD/HUF  256.48 to 258.23 and 261.86.

Questions, comments or concerns, need a special pair, data point then feel free to write anytime,

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Brian Twomey


AUD/USD, AUD/EUR and EUR/AUD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

EUR/USD Vs AUD/USD’s relationship on a 1 year basis runs correlations at 97%, the past 50 days at 93% yet 25% over the past 20 days. EUR/USD correlations to AUD/EUR run solid negatives at minus 93%, Minus 81% and Minus 66%.

AUD/USD to AUD/EUR over 1 year runs + 48%, 50 day at Minus 54% and + 55% in the past 20 days. AUD/USD’s 50 day average is located at today’s 0.7843 and 0.6748 for AUD/EUR which translates to EUR/AUD at 1.4819.

AS AUD/USD will follow EUR/USD moves randomly, AUD/EUR trades far below EUR/USD and AUD/USD and explains the light Correlations. Either AUD/USD must drop considerably or AUD/EUR must rise far higher to realign the correlations.


AUD/USD determines because its ranges are priced above AUD/EUR. Yet AUD/USD on its own volition contains range problems as its price is stuck at extremes above in the high 0.7900;s and high 0.7700’s below. But those are extremes and only trades based on market flukes or out of alignment economic announcements.

Actual AUD/USD break points are located at 0.8045 and 0.8146 above and 0.7898, 0.7817 and 0.7791 below. Not much changed since the last serious AUD evaluation some time ago.To see a significant downtrend in AUD/USD then it must break 0.7778 then comes 0.7651. Overbought is seen in AUD/USD at the 20 day average, 100, 200, 253 and from 0.7778.


AUD/EUR trades around its current and most vital break points at 0.6735, 0.6781 and 0.6810 or EUR/AUD at 1.4847, 1.4747 and 1.4684. AUD/EUR is the most vital pair to the RBA and its severely contained otherwise EUR/AUD will see spectacular daily moves. Again explains the low Correlations and AUD/USD range problems. Yet EUR/AUD / AUD/EUR in our set ups is the premiere pair to trade Asia for overnight. AUD/EUR provides entries and EUR/AUD answers to targets.

What this all means for AUD/USD is more of the same ahead without expectation to a big move or vital break point anytime soon unless a far out of kilter economic announcement is released. The recommendation for AUD/USD and our own daily trades is to long and short at break point bottoms and tops. Yet AUD/USD direction is down so the sell raly approach remains.
The AUD/USD view today is targets above at 0.7976 on breaks of 0.7965 and 0.7967 and bottoms at 0.7906 on breaks at 0.7922. EUR/AUD break points are located at 1.4875, 1.4847 and 1.4753.

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