20 Currency Pairs and GOLD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Despite Friday’s fluke, reported currency pair ranges  held for the most part. AUD violated its top by 11 pips, NZD 15. JPY and CHF violated bottoms by about 20 pips. Gold, GBP/USD and USD/CAD held perfectly. Normally CAD is the first to violate then JPY and CHF follow and in the order of CAD, JPY then CHF. The big winner in ranges was Gold as Gold hit its 1284 ish bottom then skyrocketed to high 1290’s. Gold’s top range was 1355 and the must break point to challenge 1355 was high 1290’s.

EUR/USD 1.1777 to 1.1866 held until Yellen spoke at  10:00 am EST then 1.1866 violated to 1.1874. Draghi spoke at 3:00 pm after the bond market closed but before new USD data and EUR flew to 1.1940. Under market structure, Yellen spoke on ECB time and Draghi rambled on USD time. EUR’s price was perfect overall. In hindsight, USD was slated to lose. Yellen tried 12:30 press conferences but switched to normal 2:00 as 12;30 is far to market volatility disruptive. I cannot stress the imperative to watch Yellen and Draghi under voodoo economics, market manipulations and price controls. The have your cake and eat it too strategy will cause great harm later.

The real assistance to Yellen and Draghi was Durable Goods at minus 6.8 and far out of sync. That was the EUR driver.

Below is 19 currency pair ranges and XAU/USD Gold. US stock market ranges will post today as well as USD bond yields and commodities. EUR at the bottom and CAD. CNH as well. NOK is absent and will include in future days.

USD/JPY = 108.72 to 110.26

AUD/USD transposed for readers = 0.7901 to 0.7971. USD/AUD 1.2656 to 1.2544.

XAU/USD = 1284.99 to 1379.31

USD/MXN = 17.5258 to 17.6971

USD/SGD = 1.3489 to 1.3610

USD/ZAR = 12.95 to 13.0729

USD/THB = 33.0847 to 33.4588

USD/CHF = 0.9521 to 0.9605

USD/CZK = 21.8654 to 22.0842

USD/SEK = 7.9539 to 8.0277

USD/PLN = 3.5626 to 3.5947

GBP/USD = 1.2830 to 1.2944

USD/HUF = 255.3070 to 260.5863

NZD/USD = 0.7208 to  0.7273

USD/HKD = 7.7823 to 7.8535

EUR/USD = 1.1831 to 1.1937

USD/CAD = 1.2426 to 1.2536

USD/DKK = 6.2325 to 6.2893

USD/ILS = 3.5691 to 3.6011. Israel Shekel Terrific currency pair

USD/CNH = 6.6108 to 6.6716

USD/TRY = 3.4274 to 3.4582

Ranges are good for 24 hours then the information becomes invalid.


Brian Twomey






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