8 Currency Pairs and Gold: The 24 Hour Range

The Range in a financial instrument is far more important today than trade able levels and targets due to new structural changes. The Range became a built in component to the structure in order to contain prices. This created a wholesale adjustment to trading the market price. The adjustment factored on a far higher level however by prediction of the range in advance. The prediction factor means any financial instrument to stock indices, Yields, Commodities, Currencies. If a market price contains a number then its ranges are known long in advance. Ranges however mean different aspects to each financial instrument as some instruments contain wide ranges, other small ranges.

For examples to 40 currency pairs, commodities, yields and stock indices, hit my site as many range trades were posted in advance.
For the next 24 hours of trade, here’s a few currency pairs. The point to note again is no charts, no stops, no technical analysis as its not required. Its a far different view to prices as well as to the daily trade yet its imperative to know the exact range points. We don’t see or deal with losses or concepts as false breaks. Its not what we do here. Drill down focus is on the price and to capture every traded daily pip.

AUD/USD — 0.7918 to 0.7994. Today’s AUD held ranges.

XAU/USD Gold — 1300.41 to 1403.50. Today’s Gold held ranges.

EUR/USD — 1.2040 to 1.1927. Today’s EUR/USD range failed to hold but a range break is an opportune trade. EUR/USD broke 1.1866 Friday and again broke its range but shot 74 pips higher.

USD/JPY — 108.65 to 110.26. USD/JPY broke its range Friday by 20 pips yet held every other day.

USD/ZAR –12.9878 to 13.1169. ZAR held today.

GBP/USD — 1.2874 to 1.2998. GBP held today.

NZD/USD –0.7218 to 0.7287.

USD/CAD — 1.2436 to 1.2554.

USD/CHF — 0.9504 to 0.9595.

Silver today broke its ranges as well as WTI while Natural Gas and USD yields held its ranges.


Brian Twomey

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