G10 and Fxstreet 1 year: Levels, Ranges, Targets

1 year at fxstreet and the results are miles of ground covered. Least read articles, least interested for readers = Interest rates, interest rate corridors, Money supply, GDP targets, NFP targets and methodology, Market structure and reforms, stock market indices.The very foundations of trading, understanding and profits are rejected. Further, BOJ comprehensive assessment.

Unknown : politics, Obummer, crooked Democrats, regulations, Yellen as most dangerous person on earth because she believes in stimulus as her god as much as the crooked Democrats believe government as their god.

Widely read: trades, trades, trades. EUR/USD interest is insatiable and must post for views. Veer into a CAD/MXN or say GBP/CHF then X amount of readers disappear. Many traders are 1 pair traders such as AUD and NZD. Don’t lose SEK and NOK traders and JPY cross pairs. More widely read = WTI , Gold and yields. Current money manager interest = Asia currency pairs.

If a reader trusts your trades then methodology is least concern.

Remember the 3 AUD pairs hit perfect targets on NFP day, neither does anyone else. Correct in EUR V DXY monthlies. Always ahead of the curve, none of this 3 reasons delirium. Readers were warned about stop out kimgs, famous, market persons and fraudsters. Popularity is not sought as I know I’m then on the low scale. Fortunes are made from outside the market not inside.

Articles were learned, informed and taught much. So a few concepts needed google searches by readers. Its how I became a trader, hit targets, found understanding, foundations and concepts. Central bank papers teach much, academics not so much although researchers such as Dr. Brunnermeier from Princeton offers FX brilliance. Do most want to learn.

Most articles were posted for my own interest, follow if you like. The 14 year goal has always been learn and grow to streamline, improve, find easier and better roads. We found it but remain always in search of and continue tests. The example is the 24 hour ahead range and other non mentionables. I write when its fun. When not fun such as today and when all the written articles look and say the same old blah without an informed concept then its utterly boring. JPY is a least understood currency but I don’t see it.

Quick new concept, system backtest. Ask my 50 year market trader/ system tester friend John Hill at futurestruth.com about back tests. Do you allow the system to run for 1 or 2 years backwards and if the results are profitable then the system passes inspection. Most say yes but all are dead wrong. Ask how many times John Hill has been in court since 1980 to defend this concept and protect traders from crooks. The backtest requires a multitude of tests against time and market scenarios. This concept requires many months as I know due to a current system.

If the back test proves profitable, what does that say to the forward test. How do tests measure against real money both dollars and cents. Then define profitable. What is profitable in terms of money management. Below high 80’s accuracy then back to the drawing board you go. If a system passes intense John Hill rigor then the system is valid.

Few trades, break points for higher or lower.

EUR/USD Must break 1.2020 Vs 1.1947.

USD/JPY 109.67 and 109.92 Vs 110.25.

EUR/JPY. Below 130.90 then hello 131.61, 131.43. Above must cross 132.34.

GBP/USD 1.3276 or 1.3327.

Brian Twomey