G10 and Catalonia: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Catalonia’s end result  is Pokemon decides to negotiate withdrawal  / Independence terms against a government  to which subjugated Catalonia for 1000 years. What separates Catalonia from Spain especially from the populations historically is Catalonians are not warriors as was seen from the Spanish police in dump of ballot boxes and billy clubs to voters.

What was seen was the rank and file of Spain hasn’t changed since the Arab armies left Spain in the 1500’s, since Christopher’s Columbus crew was placed on trial for many crimes committed against the people of Hispaniola, since the many crimes committed in the 1700’s against the populations of Florida in the United States. God speed to Catalonia yet I view negotiations with Lovejoy as skeptical.

Catalonia can add another claim to its rich history by introduction to the Spanish speaking world its Castillian language. I believe this refers to the Vosotros Vs Nosotros forms inside the language. It separates Spain speakers from the remainder of the Spanish speaking world.

Currency markets began the week against vital break points for many pairs and price drivers from the 20 day average. EUR/USD is challenged by a current rising line at 1.1699, GBP/USD broke above current 1.3107, AUD/USD remains  challenged at 0.7808 and NZD/USD at 0.7180.

USD/JPY sits just above its vital lines at 111.78 and 111.21 while USD/CAD faces 1.2601 and 1.2629. Its do or die for our currency pairs to make the move as break points inform neutrality  rules current prices.


Brian Twomey


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