EUR/USD and Trump, Tweet and Communication

Why Trump’s twitter strategy and fake news label as a communication plan contains a purpose to drive a massive wedge between the power of the Democratic party and its vast majority news allies. If Trump can discredit the Dem news media then Democrats are not only isolated but as they speak for themselves then the 100 year anti american words and policies will be revealed.

By Trump’s twitter writings, he’s turning the Democrat / News media alliance back on itself. Its working brilliantly as Trump expected as now even the news media waits daily for Trump tweets. Trump knows he’s winning and he’s having a great time as he has the news media in his hands. Trump now leads the news media and creates news and this is a first since the Dems and the news media conspired to take down Nixon.

Previously, once Dems announced a policy, the news media kicked into high gear with human interest and other related stories to force acceptance. The news media performed the Dems work and Dems didn’t have to speak one word. As long as Democratic voters heard the magical news media words from Political Philosophy, Equality, Justice and fairness then the Roman army buys into the Dem policy. It doesn’t take much to buy democrat votes as the appeal is based on emotion rather than fact.

The kicking into high gear aspect meant an imperative for news media audiences to remain in the present. To do this, Dem policy stories were pounded into audiences daily. The news media created a daily ongoing soap opera day by day. To remain in the present with focus on the next leg of the news media story, audiences would never perform research, find the truth, the costs, the consequences and most important, Facts. If the news media says it, it must be fact.

Trump’s twitter strategy appears to be working as a new style, balance and news media focus appears to be emerging. No longer can Dems rely on news media as partners to report one sided stories. But Trump also knows the news media is his greatest threat rather than the Democrat party by itself. Consider the Dem debate in the tax cut bill as tax the rich, tax raise for poor. Arguments fell on deaf ears. To succeed, Trump must maintain the constant pressure.

Equal abuse to the majority Teddy Roosevelt Republicans for failing to fight against Democrat policies and failure at a communication strategy. Nothing new as Teddy Roosevelt Republicans lacked a communication strategy since Teddy Roosevelt in the 1900’s.

EUR/USD overall break points 1.1803, 1.1735 Vs 1.2022 at the 5 year average. Above must break 1.1872 to target 1.1895 and 1.1924. Below watch, 1.1858.

GBP/USD is far overbought as out strategy in last days is trade the short side. Overall break point is 1.3214. A break below at 1.3439, targets 1.3417, and 1.3401.

GBP/JPY. is fast approaching the 10 year average at 153.77 while below break is located at 147.99. GBP/JPY as well is far overbought and short only strategy is out way forward.
Brian Twomey