EUR/USD and Russia Investigation: Levels, Ranges, Targets

The recently released 48 page report by the Department of National Intelligence reveals in deep detail Putin’s direct order to undermine the 2016 elections to favor Trump over Clinton. The overall campaign focus was undermine the United States system of democracy by use of cyber tactics to influence United States citizens to question their nation, systems, fairness Vs unfairness.

Freedom House as well as the 116 page, June 2016 Department of Intelligence reports reveal voter influence campaigns were launched by Russia in 16 other nations. Who is the enemy? Russia, the Democrat Party as assistants to Putin and the Republican Party for silence.

Putin saw in Clinton a threat derived from the 2011 and 2012 protests in Moscow, regime change in the Ukraine, Dem Party orchestration of the Arab Spring, installment of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, against Russia in Syria and Senate sanctions on Russia.

So feared was Russia to believe Clinton would target Putin for Regime change, Russia radically increased its Defense spending. Russia always favored Democrat electoral victories because Dems first priority in power is decrease Defense spending to shift monies to social programs. War threat was eliminated.

Putin’s main ally and scary Rasputin look alike in Moscow is most dangerous Alexander Dugin. Dugin’s writings in early campaign days favored Trump and it was Dugin’s influence that convinced Putin to embark on the influence campaign. When Trump uttered the words, I can get along with Putin and we can solve problems was all it took for Russia to support Trump.

Most important is Russia lacked ability to influence the campaign except to the degree they targeted Ads against Clinton when she was ahead in the polls and targeted ads against Trump when he was ahead. But the advertisements were all geared towards concepts such as  America is no good, unfair, favors white people, rich people, racist.

Russia ads simply reflected Democrat Party lines so the groundwork for Putin was layed on their laps. Russia could’ve easily hacked into every state’s campaign computers to change votes such as was demonstrated by the Frontier Foundation. This would’ve been declared an act of War and Russia was not crossing those lines. Russia’s only job was create chaos and weaken America. The irony is America’s Bummer accomplished Russia’s mission while the Republicans allowed it.

Enter Democrat Mueller and his team of devoted Democrats. Mueller’s mission is eliminate Trump by impeachment, charges or any means necessary if only they can prove Trump colluded because Trump policies and “drain the swamp” is a deep threat to Democrat power. A successful Trump can knock Democrat electoral victories back many decades. 200 plus pages of intelligence reports highlights in deep detail Russia’s limited role and limited success in the campaign. But reports further highlight Russia didn’t collude with the Trump campaign.

Mueller not only won’t find collusion but this entire Mueller investigation is a giant Public relations campaign cooked by the Democrats and news media partners to maintain pressure and undermine Trump. The Manafort and Flynn arrests despite news media happiness added to Trump pressure to instill into the public the idea that Trump is not a legitimate president and won by other than legitimate means. Therefore policy successes can’t credit to a non legit president. As time goes by and Mueller fails, we ill soon hear Trump as tyrant, dictator, crazy, insane, bizarre. It will get much worse from here.

EUR/USD Overall break points 1.1804 and 1.2021. At 1.1804 won’t break today as massive support exists at 1.1806 and 1.1807. Lower must break 1.1858. Higher must break 1.1871 to target 1.1907 and 1.1922.

AUD/USD approaches a big break at 0.7672 then comes 0.7806. AUD/USD’s partner NZD/USD break point is located at 0.6983 then 0.7105.

GBP/USD, we continue to play the short side as GBP remains way overbought. A break at 1.3445 targets 1.3423, 1.3406 and 1.3397.


Brian Twomey