EUR, GBP, JPY: Levels, Ranges, Targets


What is the derivation of the current political environment to divide us as societies to far extremes. How is it possible brothers align against brothers and even political scientists war against their Poly Sci friends. Society’s middle ground and normal comfort position was ceded and occupied by the political system by introduction of wedge issues and it divided us as we were forced to take positions to one extreme or another.

Every night, the news media aligns the factions and pure chaos ensues as logic, facts, reason and brotherly love leaves us. The Fairness Doctrine was eliminated years ago because it was thought to align warring factions against each other on TV would cause chaos.

By introduction of wedge issues in successive order quickly divides us as the political system takes the middle ground by sheer bully tactics. Last time such societal factions were seen was Lyndon Johnson and the great society programs. Johnson introduced Fair housing, civil rights, medicaid, voting rights and the list goes on as it has done today.
What heals the curent sickness in our society is economic growth and prosperity. Wedge issues, predominatly social progrms won’t maintain its high status. The political system will then leave its center position to be occuppied again by citizens and reason. We’ll stop here.

EUR/USD. Watch break points today at 1.1805 and 1.1746. Most vital to see far lower is 1.1746. What’s lower mean, 1.1400;s.

We won’t see 1.1746 break today as supports exist at 1.1802, 1.1794 and 1.1781.

EUR/JPY has a long way to go to break 131.97, 131.66 and 131.55. Massive supports exist today at 132.17 and 132.11 and both will be seen on a break of 132.43. Above, watch 132.68 to travel higher.

GBP/USD. 1.3415 is most important line today as below means 1.3388, 1.3371 and 1.3362.

GBP/JPY break points are located at 153.71 and 148.57.

USD/JPY break points are found at 112.10 and 111.80


Brian Twomey