EUR, GBP, JPY, Dems: Levels, Ranges, Targets

The abrupt expulsion of Democrats as a result of women affairs was a perfectly planned and coordinated Democrat party event. Nobody prepares and implements strategies long and short term better than the Democrats. They are not only absolute masters of the political game for 100 years but Dems maintain light year distance ahead of cultural society and the sleepy Republicans.

Many examples. How were Democrats able to steal and maintain the black vote from Republicans when the purpose of Republican party formation was to eradicate slavery. How Liberal / Conservative labels shifted over the years from Conservative Democrats and Classical Liberal Republicans is a misnomer in modern day politics.

The Dem strategy and reason for the latest disposal of party members is 2020 with a view to recapture the lost women vote by offering a women as the next candidate. The appeal by Dems will focus strictly on young voters, educated and non. Dems own the total black vote so this group is marked for exclusion. The type of candidate will soon be known in this 3 year effort as Hollywood and the culture will inform as force acceptance into society in short time.

The longer range for AUD/USD is located from 0.6400’s to 0.9000’s. Current AUD at 0.7500’s trades at its lower multi year range. Problem for AUD/USD’s upside is break points at 0.7664, 0.7794, 0.8297, 0.8468 and 0.8774. All lines are falling. Context to current AUD prices is in the 1.1910’s and 1920’s, AUD traded at 2.400’s and today’s 97 year mid point is located at 1.5000’s.

NZD/USD at 0.6500’s and 0.6300’s will see a rough proposition. NZD 0.7500’s is a far more comfortable zone yet as AUD, much rough points exists above to begin at 0.6976, 0.7070, 0.7272, 0.7435 and 0.7531.

Overall, non USD pairs in total are fast approaching multi year bottoms.

EUR/USD break points today are located at 1.1808 and 1.1740. To see 1.1740 then 1.1751 must break below. A break at 1.1763 targets 1.1812.

GBP/JPY faces a big break at 153.66. Break to the downside is located at 153.09 then 152.78, 152.59. Above 153.09 targets 153.24.

GBP/USD is far overbought and 1.3499 is first massive resistance point. Below must break 1.3472, 1.3455 then 1.3438.

USD/JPY made its move as mentioned yesterday but momentum remains and another spike is on the way. Break point are located below at 112.19 and 111.86. Upside targets a brick wall at 113.97 provided 113.73 breaks higher.


Brian Twomey