EUR, G10, Mueller/ Inspector Generals: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Most vital point to the Mueller investigation and why such chaos exists in the FBI and Justice Department is because America’s Bummer purposefully never appointed Inspector Generals inside the agencies. Inspector Generals job and overall purpose is watch over the agencies to ensure agencies perform their function/ Mandates, ensure laws are performed, watch personnel. Inspector Generals are the most important persons in agencies as they also maintain full investigative powers inside each agency.

If an agency lacks an Inspector General as was the case for many agencies under America’s greatest Bummer then agencies are allowed to run wild as they lack supervision. As all upper agency personnel, 15%, are all Democrat /presidential appointments then the field day began.

The system of American government through its checks and balance system applies to agencies as much as divided executive / congressional government to protect society from agencies and government gone wild. James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and the Founding Fathers greatest concern was government collusion, govt non function and operate against the people. This is exactly what we see today and as usual it all involves Democrats as every road leads to a Democrat.

Without an Inspector General then Regulation after Regulation is allowed as no regards to legality exists. Congressional requests for information are never fulfilled. Public information requests are never fulfilled. Without an Inspector General, nobody knows what the agencies are doing. Use private E-mails to communicate rather than follow the law to use government e-mails then agencies are totally insulated from inspection.

How Mueller and his band of crooks come to light is Trump by law appointed Inspector Generals and under the many Democrat scandals, Inspector Generals must by law investigate especially Ethics and criminal Laws suspected to be broken. Scandals and crimes always come to light because of the check and balance system. Expect many more Democrat scandals to materialize in time.

Government’s size allowed personnel and agencies to run wild as they are insulated from inspection. Its far easier to figure the confounded NZD price as it didn;t move from the dairy auction than it is to monitor all the workings of government.
Advice: Don’t forecast exchange rates against exchange rates because forecasts will result in far off kilter results and targets won’t be seen. Ask yourself this question from a top tier bank. Will GBP/USD trade to 1.1300’s in 2018, 2000 points in 1 year. And especially when EUR/USD is forecasted to 1.1100’s, USD/JPY to 114.00’s. Places the dairy auction in perspective.

EUR/USD break points, 1.1731 Vs 1.1808, 1.1841.

GBP/JPY break points 148.99 and 153.60.

GBP/USD break points 1.3259 and 1.3222.

AUD/USD break points 0.7649.

NZD/USD. Break point 0.6972.

Brian Twomey


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