EUR, G10 and Tax Cuts: Levels, Ranges, Targets

If $10 bills fell from the sky and every Democrat had enough money to live for generations, they would complain the bills weren’t $100’s, $10 are to heavy, they don’t own a carry bag. The cynicism, nastiness, negativity and deep seated psychosis from Democrats and the news media to think American companies won’t come home, they will use tax cuts only to buy back stocks, won’t hire, expand and don’t seek profit is at the top of psychotic thoughts. Pernicious thoughts and false idealisms end in destruction.

Democrats by tax raises drove companies from America while America’s Bummer regulatory war on companies and Dodd – Frank solidified a long stay. The Consumer Protection Agency inside the Federal Reserve offers another example to impose fines, charges and fees on companies to fund the Dem Party. I warned long ago Democrat desire to gain access inside the Fed. As usual, I’m always correct.

In anticipation of Tax cuts, I will later post already written Pay Go Rules.

Next we will hear Pay Go Rules, revenue neutral and deficits. Concepts to Pay Go rules were never solidified by the parties. The Democrat idea was to stop any Bush tax cuts by agreement to maintain government size. Revenue neutral is the concept to allow personal and corporate tax cuts but other fees and taxes would raise to maintain and grow government. Then comes scare tactics to government deficits as Tax cuts grow deficits by $1.5 trillion. How about cut government by $1.5 trillion then government is reduced to 1992 George Bush size. Democrats built on Pay Go Rules and related concepts and sold to the masses through an effective communication strategy, as usual for the Democrats.

Trump is on track, far ahead of the game and he knows exactly what’s he doing.

The 2018 strategy for me is gonzo, never to write another word in this lifetime. Honestly, confounded by NZD Dairy Auctions, BOJ ideological problems, Interest Rate Swaps as important, Yields and JPY. The list goes on. How about confounded by US interest rate drop Vs Europe rates rise.

I’ve done it all in the past 5 years and nothing more exists to complete. And plenty of competent FX persons with websites post great work but they are lost in a crowd of garbage that exists today. Funny thought how the computer destroyed information and competence.

EUR/USD notice 1.1901 dead stopped yesterday at the 1 year Forward Price? Here’s overall break points as I’m not posting targets any longer. 1.1746, 1.1803 and 1.2009.

USD/JPY watch as well as EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY. USD/JPY is supported by 112.46 and 112.27. Watch 113.53.

EUR/JPY watch above 134.90’s. GBP/JPY watch 151.71. AUD/USD watch 0.7673, NZD watch 0.7015 and 0.7037.


Brian Twomey

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