EUR/USD, Minimum Wages: Levels, Ranges, Targets

The Democrats answer to Trump tax increases in Blue states is to propose Minimum Wage increases as in the assumption a raise will rise above price increases. Price increases always far outpaces wages and actually hurts the intended low Wage Earner targets. But the expected price increases will add a massive burden to all wage earners.

If the Democrats believe in the false dichotomy Wage increases would allow a benefit to Wage earners to pay a higher tax then we’re looking at more economic destruction in the Blue states. Much has been written on the Seattle Minimum Wage rise example as not only was employment reduced but house and overall price increases skyrocketed.

The Public Relations aspect to the Democrats is claim Wage Rises assist the poor but Democrats true goal is states will be forced to increase government spending against higher prices. The poor Wage earners remain outside Democratic purview of concern. Union workers will experience higher dues an this dues money goes directly into Democrat Party pockets to support reelections.

Currently, 18 states propose Minimum Wage rises. Further, Republicans control 34 state governors and 26 states are both dominated by Republican governors as well as state Legislatures. Only 15 state Governors are controlled by Democrats.
Alaska by the Trump Tax cut will begin oil drilling in Anwar. The Alaska legislature is supported by 14 Republicans Vs 6 Dems in the Senate and 21 Republicans Vs 14 Dems in the House. The current Governor is an Independent. Anwar drilling is mandatory by law and it appears little Dems can do to stop drilling efforts especially when the vast majority of Alaska voters are Republicans.

EUR/USD. Break points 1.2004 vs 1.2128, 1.2211 and 1.2266. Then comes 1.2400’s.
GBP/JPY trades top of the vital range point at 153.24, below is located 149.83
USD/JPY. Broke big points at 112.64 and 112.58.
NZD/USD wide range from 0.7043 and 0.7274
AUD/USD supported by 0.7736.


Brian Twomey