G10, AntiPodean, Forward Points: Levels, Ranges, Targets

As a word, Antipodean is most specifically referenced to New Zealand as British explorer Capt John Cook founded New Zealand and Australia in the 1800’s. Antipodean was first attributed to New Zealand as the time zone to Cook’s founding of New Zealand’s Southern Islands was a complete opposite to Greenwich Mean time in the UK..

The term’s reference historically grew to refer to opposite, but opposite to something as in land by antipodes, opposite distances, opposite family members. Australia popularized the word in the late 1950’s to refer to distinctive Art drawings. New Zealand’s well known pharmaceutical company is known as Antipodean Pharmaceuticals. In Currency trading, Antipodean refers to AUD and NZD yet opposite in currency pair definition lacks understanding unless opposite refers to USD. Or possibly opposite refers to the original purpose as in opposite to England.

Possibly Antipodean refers to NZD Dairy Auctions and no price movements in NZD.

The BOE redesigned its website consistent to many other Central banks. So far, no trading information was eliminated but don’t bet the house on it.

Canada redesigned its website and eliminated Forward Points. A trader must now factor their own Forward Points. Refer to EUR/USD and my reference to 1.1991 and the perfect target hit by trading Forward Points.

Forward Points are most vital to currency trading because traders can hit perfect targets without even a simple math calculation, chart or graph. Forward Points simplifies trading but simplifies in terms to streamline time. Time is most vital in trading because the 5% experts beat 95% of traders by 20 and 30 pips quicker than most traders realize they were beat. This is the factor of the computer and the post 2008 world as much information was long lost in the process. The computer actually became an enemy to trading.

AUD/USD. Break points 0.7842 then 0.7940 and 0.8009. Below,0.7791 and 0.7733.
NZD/USD. Break Points above 0.7135 and 0.7274 at the 14 year average. Below 0.7053 and 0.7017.
EUR/USD Break points 1.2005, 1.2116 and 1.2211 then 1.2400’s.
GBP/JPY Watch 153.21 at the 10 year average.
USD/JPY. above 112.49 and 112.67.

Brian Twomey

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