AUD/USD and AUD Cross Pairs: Levels, Ranges, Targets


AUD/USD break last Wednesday at its most significant 0.7907 resulted in a 146 pip move by Friday to 0.7761. As AUD continued its drop, 0.7907 is today’s most vital break at 0.7855. AUD now trades above and threatens to travel higher as most significant points are finely tuned MA’s.

The early warning to AUD/USD’s drop was AUD/EUR Thursday Feb 1 broke 0.6536 and 0.6498 Wednesday FeB 7. AUD/EUR dropped to 0.6328 Tuesday FEB 6 or EUR/AUD 1.5802.

At 0.6536 and 0.6498 translates to EUR/AUD 1.5299 and 1.5389. AUD/EUR at 0.6300’s literally left the charts dating to 1999 and now faces its next break points at 0.6427 and 0.6445 or EUR/AUD 1.5559 and 1.5515. To See AUD/EUR travel significantly higher then 0.6478 must break or EUR/AUD 1.5436.

AUD/EUR break points to 0.6478 dated to Jan 1999 are located at 0.6427, 0.6445, 0.6452 and 0.6489. The 14 year average is located at 0.6605.

AUD/USD break points dated to Jan 1999 are located at 0.7542, 0.7612, 0.7660, 0.7756, 0.7791, 0.7851 then 0.7956 and 0.7972. The 5 year average is located at 0.8207.

The next AUD and complementary pair in the AUD universe is AUD/CHF. At current 0.7345, AUD/CHF must break 0.7501 to travel higher. Failure to break 0.7501 results in a sell rally approach.

AUD/JPY from current 84.64 must break 86.71 to travel higher. For perspective to current wildly oversold AUD/JPY, the 10 year average is located at 85.47 and 14 year average at 86.13. Breaks higher targets the 5 year at 89.33 yet not likely anytime soon.

AUD/NZD at current 1.0791 to travel higher must break 1.0887 then the 5 year average and special designed 100 day average is located 1.0943 and 1.0998.

AUD/CAD as Market Risk Barometer and slowest mover in the AUD universe to travel lower from current 0.9894 and overbought must break 0.9853 and 5 year average at 0.9852. Next supports exist at the special 100 day average at 0.9802 and 10 year average at 0.9743.

Brian Twomey


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