EUR/USD, G10, UK Interest Rates: levels, Ranges, Targets

GBP/USD yesterday as mentioned broke above its vital break point at 1.3948 and target 1.3997 hit perfectly. Monday’s launch to the 2 year finalization of UK interest rates traded perfectly all week until today when GBP/USD dropped 47 pips on the time frame as intended. UK interest rates were clearly responsible.

UK bankers, interest rate and swap traders are now masters of the GBP road and they will respectfully, beat the day traders by many miles because they factor far ahead. Bankers knowledge is far superior to the vast majority of traders as they know not only the targeted levels and prices but they know the day, hour and minutes targets achieve.

Actually, the bankers contain an unfair advantage because they earn the easiest pips and leave meaningless levels for other traders to trade and earn nothing. If a GBP trader today earns 47 pips or better than thankfully count your gifts. Editorially, I don’t allow the bankers to beat me but its a daunting task as the bankers are fast, brilliant and experts.

The central banks went beyond concepts of control but they brought a deeper perspective as they professionalized the currency price. As I’m inside nation’s interest rates daily for 2+ years and I know deeply every traded interest rate, the assumption is GBP is set, defined and predetermined. Its boxed and set in stone.

No such concept exists as to a wandering or meandering currency price. Those days as once existed are now gone. The new expertse to trading is earn the pips without unearned pips flying past without profits. GBP/USD for example dropped 100 pips today and rose 49 for 140 available pips.

GBP/USD bottoms today are contained by 1.3929, 1.3905, 1.3887 and 1.3876. GBP/USD must break above now 1.3935 to target 1.3976 and 1.4002. What is offered here is exact to align with the bankers.

GBP/JPY. Yesterday’s upside target at 153.14 on a break of 152.74 achieved 152.55. Only other mention to GBP/JPY yesterday was break point at 150.94 and today the break is located at 150.97. Look for bottom containment today at 152.07, 151.88 and 151.79.

USD/JPY vital break yesterday was 108.25 and today 108.37. Yesterday’s 109.21 and 109.24 was adjusted downward to 109.09. Look for 109.09 today as well as 108.94 and 108.82 to contain. Upside target is set high today at 109.89 on break of 109.64 and 109.67.

EUR/JPY mentioned ad nauseam 133.11 and 133.43 was traded Tuesday. A big move is coming for EUR/JPY and shorts is the only way.Watch today 133.33 and 133.58.

EUR/USD Yesterday’s 1.2240 break point is now 1.2229. Above targets 1.2235. Below watch supports at 1.2144, 1.2128 and 1.2115.

AUD/USD and NZD/USD break point are located at 0.7740 and 0.7217.


Brian Twomey