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The question 15 years ago in 2004 as I began to trade currencies was what made the lights blink. As an adjunct college professor for the past 20+ years, I devoted my life and time in between class schedules to answer this question. Growth and answers began.

By 2008, I began to write as a freelancer for Stocks and Commodities and Investopedia about currency prices and all facets to currency markets. The highlight was the Welles Wilder interview and its still remembered by many to this very day. Later, articles were published in Fxtrader magazine.

In 2011, Inside the Currency Market was written and published by John Wiley and Bloomberg Press. Book sales never materialized and remained non existent to this day despite rave reviews and even a stunningly great review by Yale Professor and market trader, Brenda Jubin.

In 2012, I joined the Fxstreet network with assumption to sell books

Fxstreet 2012, I traded live and hit 25 specific price targets in front of 100,000 viewers. The word target and target prices failed to reach the trade lexicon in 2012. The result was 25 trades, 36 no sleep days and 2500 pips.

The 2012 trades here and Fxstreet CEO Francesc written words

As I was consumed with 100’s of daily e-mails, I assisted all and wrote Using the Z Score to trade FX in 2012 / 2013. Zero interest and no sales was the result and same as Inside the Currency Market.

2012, longtime friend Peter Wadkins from Thomson Reuters began to include me and my FX analysis/ trades in his commentaries but with hope for recognition and a chance to work with FX professionals. Never materialized.

2015, Academic paper was written to highlight by Regression analysis in 2 separate periods how EUR/JPY switches allegiance from EUR/USD to USD/JPY. The paper here

15 years later after intense growth, I now run a small Signal trade service for 2 years now and open for interested.

Trades are offered for longer term to include weeks to days and daily trades for day traders. Day trades are based on an interest rate system and is deadly accurate as was the 2012 trades while longer term trades are based on what I will call simply a Moving Average system. All my own inventions based on intense research but all extremely accurate.

The charge is $300 per month for any currency pair and sent twice daily every trading day. We currently trade 8 pairs as follows, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/EUR which allows trades in EUR/AUD. The charge is for accuracy, time and ability to get the trades done quickly with profit.

If interested, I’m Brian Twomey, contact

As well open for any serious suggestions, inquiries. However, respectfully, not open for get rich quick schemes or overnight Warren Buffet types. Come sincere and honest, experienced or beginner and I will assist in the profits.

Thank you and respectfully, Brian
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I offer a consultancy opportunity for select individuals. This gives these individuals access to personalized, individual, trading information on a day to day basis. I provide information on multiple currency pairs, based on very specific data that I personally analyze.

For a paltry $300 per month, I will send each select individual who contracts with me for my consultancy, an analysis twice a day.

Here is what you will get:

Individualized access to my analysis.
E-mails twice a day on the analysis.
Ability to chat with me one-on-one.
Ability to pick my brain.
Further in depth understanding of what drives the market.
The secrets of how the markets actually move.
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