WEEKLY Trades DEC 3 to 7


12 Weekly Trades, see perfection to near perfection to entry, exit, target. Normally 2 way prices offered to allow continuous trades all week  but not this week as many prices are to low or to high. We trade for profit, not trade for gambles. Please visit trusted friend’s site at posy end. Brian Twomey, Contact for trades


                            Best trades this week are again GBP and as long as GBP pairs remain at current lower levels then GBP will remain on weekly priority list. GBP/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF and GBP/JPY. Next favored trades are USD/CAD, EUR/USD and EUR/CHF. Least favored trades are EUR/CAD, EUR/AUD and EUR/NZD.
GBP/USD break Point 1.2953, above 1.3101, 1.3262, 1.3305 and eventually 1.3822.
Strategy. Any price below 1.2953 is fair game for longs as GBP/USD must trade back to 1.2953 and higher. Long 1.2680 and 1.2719 to target 1.2932, Must break 1.2825 and 1.2878. The break at 1.2953 then target becomes 1.3107.
GBP/CAD Break point 1.7032, above targets 1.7127, 1.7222 and 1.7317.Overall GBP/CAD must trade to minimum 1.7061.
Strategy. Any price below 1.6942 is fair game for longs. Caution at 1.7074 for longs above 1.7032 as this line must break to target next at 1.7127 then 1.7222. Long 1.6865 and 1.6842 to target 1.6984 and a must break to then challenge 1.7032. Long
GBP/CHF Any price below 1.2798 is fair game for longs. Break point 1.2873, above targets 1.2979, 1.3036, 1.3193 and eventual must trade to 1.3270.
Strategy. Long 1.2684 and 1.2711 to target 1.2838. Must break 1.2838 to challenge 1.2873 to then target 1.2979.
GBP/JPY Any price below 144.18 is fair game for longs. Break Point 145.78, above targets 146.37, 146.97, 147.59 and eventual must trade to 148.67.
Strategy. Long 143.94 and 144.25 to target 145.47. Caution 145.47 as this is must break point to challenge 145.78 then target 146.37 and 146.97. Caution also at 146.82 as this line may not break this week but serves as good short point to target 146.37 and 145.98.
EUR/USD Break Point 1.1463, above caution at must breaks for higher at 1.1459 and 1.1507. Above 1.1507 then targets 1.1593, 1.1659 and eventual 1.1705.
Strategy. Any price below 1.1349 is fair game for longs as any price below must trade back to at least 1.1349 and higher. Long 1.1203, 1.1235 and 1.1268 to target 1.1401 and 1.1432. Caution 1.1401 must break to challenge 1.1463 then higher.
EUR/CHF Break Point 1.1392, above targets 1.1471, 1.1551 and 1.1631. Below, severe caution at 1.1292 and 1.1249 vital break points.
Strategy. Longs must break 1.1304 and 1.1309 to trade higher. Long 1.1270 to target above 1.1309 to 1.1377. Above 1.1392 then targets 1.1471 and 1.1511.
USD/CAD break Point 1.3151, below targets 1.3057, 1.2963, 1.2869 and eventual 1.2699.
Strategy. Any price above 1.3151 is fair game for shorts. Short 1.1339 and 1.3386 to target 1.3198 and 1.3174. Must break 1.3245.
EUR/CAD Break Point 1.5074, above targets 1.5170. Below caution at lines 1.4957 and 1.4939.
Strategy. Any price above 1.5170 is fair game for shorts as target at 1.4851 must break 1.4957 and 1.4939. Short 1.5170, 1.5189 and 1.5228 to target break at 1.5074 then 1.4997.
EUR/AUD Break point 1.5769, above targets 1.5912 and 1.6055.
Strategy. Long 1.5395 and 1.5422 to target 1.5554 and 1.5604.
EUR/NZD Break Point 1.6954.
Strategy. Long 1.6377 to target 1.6521 and 1.6593.
Break Point 0.8895, below targets 0.8759 , 0.8719 and 0.8623.
Strategy Any price above 0.9161 is fair game for shorts. Caution shorts at must break points for lower at 0.8973 and 0.8914. Short 0.9167, 0.9201 and 0.9235 to target 0.8948 however 0.8973 must break therefore exit just short at 0.9002. A break at 0.8973 then targets 0.8914. Must cross below points 0.9134, 0.9104 and 0.9038. 
 Break Point 0.6763.
Strategy. 0.6911 and 0.6914  reside just above and a break higher at 0.6911 targets 0.6976 and 0.7011. Cautious shorts at 0.6905 to target 0.6809 and 0.6799. Must break below 0.6834 then target 0.6809. 
   Brian Twomey
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EUR/USD and Trade Service


The vast majority of writings over last months were posted on Linked IN to 2300 high quality followers and many many great topics on interest rates, trades, retail loses, interest rates as benchmarks to long term trades, USD V EUR deviation, Q Vs Q trades and Currency markets, ECB’s slash from 8 Euribor maturities to now 5 and implications, definition of a currency price, Fed Funds rate 25 year averages, Knut Wiksell Neutral interest rates.

The actionable and profitable money topics to markets and trades are many to bring a true comprehension to prices and present conditions must be addressed but me as a standalone doing my own research, can’t cover all the necessary topics. Today’s most ridiculous topic is inverted yield curves and recession ahead and wrong as usual to believe inverted when interest rate averages are well secured.

Then the question becomes why bother as traders, trade services and currency analysts devolved into a herd mentality. Analysis, trades and current market topics remain the same from person to person, bank to bank, trade service to trade service, website to website. I respect many at Fx street but contributor analysis and trades aren’t worth the paper its written on. Its the same old story, I’m a 1 man operation doing much work and its difficult to break through the crowds especially when we live on the assumptions goldman sachs says therefore its absolute.

Yet how useful is it to engage in such topics. Did any market topic, central bank meeting, economic announcement have any bearing on The EUR/AUD trade from 1.6300’s to 1.5600’s and a 2 month duration. This and many other longer term trades informs the market topics are the biggest crock of stuff ever foisted on the trading public. Now try and sell this concept to the trading public and most won’t bother reading.

So 2300 followers and 2000 + views now per writing, the result is more and more are flocking to my writings including banks and hedge funds I never knew existed, graduate students, professors, researchers.

The trade service is running and we are all very profitable week after week. Trades are now offered as daily, weekly and longer term, defined as 3 to 5 and 800+ pip trades. Many come and remain for long periods. Weekly trades are the standard 10 currency pairs, USD/CAD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/CAD, EUR/NZD, EUR/AUD, GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF and GBP/CAD.

Included when ready were NZD/USD, NZD/CAD and others. Daily trades are sent twice daily and are interest rate based trades. Contact if interested,


Brian Twomey, btwomey.com, brian@btwomey.com