Appropriations Committees and CHF Market Purpose

Republicans V Democrats,
2019 Appropriations Law passage contains one aspect, funding the law is quite another story.
All revenue bills, Budgets and Taxes, derive from the House Of Reps. This includes appropriations to all laws. Law passed today, signed by Trump to build the wall, must be funded by appropriations. No wall without funding.
Democrats control the House of Reps, budgets, Taxes and appropriations and its constitutional 1st stop to fund Government.
Trump’s roughest political challenges was nothing in 2018 as the Democrats will work overtime to overturn Trump’s policies.
The 2019 struggle will be seen in Appropriations Committees. Democrats will attempt to neutralize Trump by Amendments to Appropriation Laws slated to passage. Its the Democratic practice dating to Reagan and under all Republican Presidents.
Ex. In a well funded Defense Bill, Democrats will slip a Tax increase Amendment to the bill. Unsuspecting Trump or Republicans sign the bill then trouble as Dems with News Media assistance, cry foul to Trump’s Tax increase. Trump went against his word, can’t be trusted, he’s a loon, impeach.
Mind control as its best but George H.W Bush lost in 1992 by Dem Tax increase amendment. Trump’s to smart for this tactic. Money issues, funding is where action exists in 2019.
                                              USD/CHF and CHF Cross Pairs
USD/CHF Break Point 0.9947, break lower targets massive cluster at 0.9831, 0.9824 and 0.9807 then 0.9771.
From 0.9947 to 0.9831 = 116 pip t range. Above 0.9947 then trades 156 pip range from 0.9947 to 1.0103.
Traditional USD/CHF as dead currency pair so to allow cross pairs to perform the CHF work but also USD/CHF is the middle currency pair within the universe to all its dead range.
CHF/GBP = 0.7857, low man
CHF/EUR =0.8817
JPY/CHF = 0.8788
CHF/USD = 1.0060 Then big guys
CHF/CAD = 1.3354
CHF/AUD = 1.3865
CHF/NZD = 1.4714 highest
CHF/NZD currently untouchable even as complement trade to NZD/USD.
CHF/AUD Contains potential as both Complement trade to AUD/USD and long term target at 0.7500’s, or 1.3300’s.
CHF/USD is middle pair, caught between cross pair crossfire. Designed and structured purposeful in my estimation to protect USD/CHF.
CHF/GBP clearly low means higher for GBP/CHF.
CHF/EUR 0.8817 runs together against JPY/CHF at 0.8788. Fx Trades and FX assistance then contact
     Brian Twomey


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