Trump, Impeachment, Indictment

Trump, Impeachment, Indictment
 To remain ahead to what’s coming.
The Office of Legal Counsel in Justice Dept updated in 2000 a 40 page paper on grounds for Impeachment and indictment for Presidents, updated since 1970’s and Nixon.
A sitting President cannot be indicted but yes to indictment after he leaves office. Indictment comes only if crimes were committed while in office and only if crimes, grounds and evidence truly exists.
Nixon forced a deeper view as reason why can’t indict is to not disintegrate the United States. The Democrats and Media know the 40 page rulings despite indictment talk.
House of Reps may vote impeachment but Senate Republican majority would never hold the necessary Trial then Impeachment vote. A yes vote to impeachment in House under Dem majority must contain grounds for yes majority vote otherwise vote not coming. Trump is clear and under no grounds for impeachment / Indictment.
Read podesta e mails and respectfully, Dems clear brilliant organizational attempt to take down Trump is obvious. Witch hunt is correct. Dems and Media are playing to future 18 to 40 voters as they are majority Dems. On trial is Capitalism V Communism and winner must emerge


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