G10 Break Points, USD and EUR Emerging Market Break Points


Problem Currency Pairs


G10 Currency Pair Problems
EUR/JPY remains problem pair 3rd week, range problem.
CAD/JPY remains, CHF/JPY, AUD/JPY and USD/CHF enters problem status,
EUR/CAD remains problem status and EUR/GBP leaves problem status. Pure USD driver this week.
AUD/JPY problem means AUD/USD driver. EUR/GBP leaves problem status means EUR/USD the driver.
CAD/JPY problem means USD/CAD the driver. USD/CHF problem and not CHF cross pairs means USD the driver.
CHF/JPY problem informs and always early warning to JPY cross pairs are mispriced and must move.
Notice USD/JPY not on the list. Note also reported last 6 weeks JPY cross pairs at neutrality. Neutrality is over and movement begins again.
USD/CAD more overbought than GBP/USD is oversold. Both are main drivers this week in overall currency markets.
                          G10 FX Break Points
Break points, carefully calculated MA’s, break above or below results in significant moves.
EUR/USD 1.1449 EUR/JPY 128.97 EUR/CHF 1.1361 EUR/CAD 1.5128 Problem pair
EUR/NZD 1.6850 EUR/AUD 1.5782, AUD/EUR 0.6337, Which decides AUD/USD EUR/GBP 0.8906
GBP/USD 1.2860 GBP/JPY 144.86 GBP/CHF 1.2758 
GBP/CAD 1.6981 GBP/NZD 1.8925 GBP/AUD 1.7723, Australia’s original pair,Pegged, dates to 1800’s
AUD/USD 0.7255 AUD/JPY 81.72 Problem pair, Noise issue AUD/CHF 0.7199 AUD/CAD 0.9582 AUD/NZD 1.0676
NZD/USD 0.6797 NZD/JPY 76.56 NZD/CHF 0.6744, now aligned sine last report to NZD/USD
NZD/CAD 0.8979
USD/CAD 1.3214 CAD/JPY 85.28 Problem pair CAD/CHF 0.7513
USD/CHF 0.9930 Problem CHF/JPY 113.53 Problem
USD/JPY 112.65 CAD/ZAR 10.65 Vs EUR/USD 1.1449, vital relationship in all currency markets
                                       USD and EUR Emerging Market Break Points
USD/BRL 3.8550, USD/CNY 6.8607 USD/CZK 22.57 USD/DKK 6.5229,
USD/HUF 282.49, USD/IDR 14598.86 USD/ILS 3.7054
USD/INR 71.33 USD/KRW 1123.59 USD/MXN 19.92 USD/MYR 4.1514 USD/NOK 8.4353
USD/PHP 53.01 USD/PLN 3.7555 USD/RON 4.0702
USD/RUB 66.0920 USD/SEK 9.0196 USD/SGD 1.3706
USD/THB 32.8000 USD/TRY 5.3965 USD/ZAR 14.1063
EUR EUR/BRL 4.4101 EUR/CNY 7.8473 EUR/CZK 25.8253 EUR/DKK 7.4610
EUR/HUF 323.1085 EUR/IDR 16700.7436 EUR/ILS 4.2383 EUR/INR 81.5993
EUR/KRW 1285.2968 EUR/MXN 22.7854 EUR/MYR 4.7486
EUR/NOK 9.6477 EUR/PHP 60.65 EUR/PLN 4.2955
EUR/RON 4.6556 EUR/RUB 75.5983 EUR/SEK 10.3172
EUR/SGD 1.5679 EUR/THB 37.5223 EUR/TRY 6.1725 EUR/ZAR 16.1341
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