Daily FX Trade Methodology

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                 Daily FX Trade Methodology.
The 1970’s free float was a never before seen invention for central banks to base currency prices traded against interest rates.
My daily trade system is an exact replica to the original intent against latest central bank methodological interest rate changes.
Anytime central banks change methodologies, I adjust. Central banks offer daily no lose trades when interest rates are released but my system employs a mathematical overbought / oversold component as added feature as well as a vital break point level.
Support and resistance levels change daily and constantly move, sometimes much, sometimes little. I know daily from central banks where those levels are located.
Tops and bottoms are known from central banks and become targets.
EUR/USD today bottom 1.1227, GBP/USD 1,3026. AUD/USD Top today 0.7092, EUR/JPY 126.14.
Support, and resistance, tops and bottoms allows multiple longs and shorts per currency pair. Usually bout 50 pips per pair.
Bottoms are always well known and protected by central banks, its upside requires attention.
Gaps. Huge topic, must know as vital level found between exchange rate intervals. Ex EUR/USD 1.1238, EUR/JPY 125.08, AUD/USD 0.7028 and 0.7029. Gaps occur often but is little known. 
Interest rates apply to 1st position. USD for USDCAD, EUR to EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, EUR/AUD
                     Brian Twomey



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