EUR/NZD Weekly Trade Example

Most Entries are exact and very specific and hold true week after week over many months but what if an entry is wrong.
Here’s a weekly trade example. A Draw down? No, opportunity to add 1 lot to an off entry because I knew exactly where the target was located and I knew price was going directly to the target.
No such concept as draw down exists in trading as this is a misnomer. Target counts first then entry.
Why the specific entry I cannot explain but allow this:
EUR/NZD is a wide range currency pair. Readers would remember the 1.7800 to 1.7000’s trade months ago.
Weekly Strategy. EUR/NZD lacks a trend and long term target but rather it ranges weekly. This means EUR/NZD price is settled and settled prices are meant to leave alone but EUR/NZD ranges weekly 200 ish pips so can’t say no to this pair.
If I highlighted GBP/USD then the strategy would become long only until GBP/USD achieves 1.3700’s target.
As can be seen here, I maintain from calculations a deep simplicity to trades so anyone may understand. Entry then Target.
And as usual interested in trades then fell free to contact. For daily trades, 8 pairs are sent twice daily to cover 24 hour trades continuously from Sunday to Friday.
                  Brian Twomey

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