GBP and JPY Interest Rates and Yield Curves

GBP/USD UK and Japanese Interest Rates/ Yield Curves
UK Yield Curve / Interest Rates are established as the same system as the United States, Interest Rates below then Yields above Interest Rates.
Interest rates price yields. Today’s Sonia 0.7047, February month avg 0.7061, month averages released 19th every month.
Japanese are quite different. Tibor Interest rates positioned below Yields, Euroyen Tibor also positioned below yields.
Normally Euroyen are intertwined with Yen Tibor. The difference between onshore and offshore.Japanese overnight Call Rates however are negative -0.067 last evening or 0.933.
More work needs to complete this quick presentation regards to Japanese Interest rate system.
Tibor Overnight -0.01091 or 0.98
3m= 0.0690
6m= 0.1263
12m= 0.13636
Euroyen Tibor 1 week =0.00700
1M= 0.09200
3m= 0.0500
6m= 0.09500
12m = 0.15300 Yields.
   UK Yields
3m =0.831
2Y = 0.832
3Y =0.817
5Y = 0.806
10Y = 0.913
15Y= 0.167
20= 0.34
30y= 0.51. Read research this morning claims UK and Japanese Yield curves invert often. Not sure this statement
             Brian Twomey



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