Mueller Report

Mueller Report

The Trump Russia propaganda by Robert Mueller is considered an “Investigation”.

Investigations especially criminal derives from the Department of Justice under CFR 600 Regulations and considered private to protect witnesses, sources and methods, national security and Ethics.

CFR Regulations derives from the Ethics in Government Act. First is ACT / Law then Regulations drawn to define Laws.

The misnomer term is Special Counsel as Mueller isn’t a special counsel but a DOJ appointed Attorney to investigate Trump / Russia claims. If Mueller was actually a Special Counsel then 600.8 Regs mandates Mueller to write frequent reports to Congress.

Since Mueller isn’t a Special Counsel then no obligation exists for Mueller or the DOJ to release the final report to the public especially if national security or ethical standards exist. Attorney General Barr released a 4 page summary and cleared Trump. Barr is not obligated by CFR Regs to write 1 word nor is Barr obligated to write another word.

Because its a 2 year issue and involves a President, Barr had to write to clear Trump. The Democrats just voted and passed under the House Judiciary Committee to Subpoena the full Mueller Report and goes against the mandate of Ethics laws and CFR Regs. PR at work


Brian Twomey

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