Weekly and Long term trades were offered to interested subscribers since last July 2018. Long term trades are defined as 3, 5, 8 and 1000 pips trades and targets. Targets hit absolutely perfect, even at 1 and 2 month trade duration. See last March / April on Fxstreet, 35 trades, never the same pairs hit for 4000 pips. Since, I offered many many long term trades on twitter and Linked In to show long term targets and to prove it can be done. The qualification to FX street trades was 150 pips or better or the trade wasn’t worth the time and effort.

Market conditions must be correct to offer 4 and 1000 pip trades. Except for AUD pairs, not many exist currently.

The model is not only perfect for long term trades but no stops needed, charts, graphs, Fibs. Whatever was previously written on currency trading, charts, graphs, market talk blah blah is all wrong. We have all been exposed to the greatest lies, fallacies, scams, losing trades that has ever been foisted on the trading public. I can prove my claims without a shadow of a doubt. The famous, the Currency Analysts,, leading traders and experts are proven dangerous, losers and should refrain from their losing actions. Jail for grand larceny, conspiracy, theft and destroyed lives is to kind for these crooks.

The chart, candle and fibs are the greatest limitations to traders because it limits their views and profit ability. All quantified and validated.

The model and trades to above claims also works perfectly to stock indices, commodities and any financial instrument on the planet. Again, proven by trades but also certified by my friend Peter Wadkins, a 47 year FX veteran, ACI licensed.

As long term trades weren’t available, I took the long term model to devise weekly trades. Weekly trades based on Sunday instructions earn roughly 2000 pips per week on 10 and 12 currency pairs. Certain weeks bit more than 2000, other weeks slightly less. But 2000 is a great average.

I’m currently gong back to all the weeks since July and finding 2000 weekly is really a good average.

And again, stops, charts, latest market blather is pablum and proven because the weekly trades are perfect. Entry and target is all that’s needed and voila, free money trades are here. And it is just that simple.

Daily interest rate trades are becoming less popular but they are equally perfect. And again certified by Peter Wadkins who also truly understands like me all nation’s interest rates and application to exchange rates and prices.

Multitudes, long term friends and followers surely know exactly what I have done. Putting this model together I assure readers took time and deep effort. We must understand before we can trade. Obviously, multitudes that don’t know me all must think I’m a loon but that’s okay too. They will fall into the hands of the losers and will be soon bounced from the market to earn a living by other means.

Brian Twomey


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