FX ASIA Significant MA’s

High / Low Break Points

USD/CNY 6.7542 Neutral

USD/HKD 7.8459 Neutral

USD/IDR 14274.5586 Oversold

USD/INR 69.95 Oversold

INR/EUR 0.0126 Overbought

USD/JPY 111.09 Overbought

USD/KRW 1130.7158 Overbought

USD/MYR 4.0950 Overbought

USD/PHP 52.55 Oversold

USD/THB 31.8859 Overbought

CNY/JPY 16.4524 Overbought

THB/JPY 3.4850 Neutral

USD/SGD 1.3571 Neutral

INR/CAD 0.0190 Overbought

MYR/CAD 0.3249 Neutral


Brian Twomey


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