USD V Non USD Currency Pairs

Break Points GBPUSD 1.2794, GBPJPY 140.19, USDJPY 109.56,

All #Trade below, Incorrect positioning. 1 or 2 Pairs must trade above and 1 below.

Or 1 pair above and 2 below. Who wins, GBPUSD dropped 1000 pips from 1.3400’s, GBPJPY dropped 1200 from 147.00’s.

Same deal EURUSD 1.1270, EURJPY 123.49 and USDJPY 109.56. Same for all JPY cross pairs, Light years higher to go.

For the guy EURAUD long. AUDUSD Break Point 0.6990, EURUSD 1.1270, EURAUD 1.6125, Trades above and deeply overbought. Long is gambling, 7 come 11.

EURJPY Long 121.08 was written late last night on my site. Target 122.00’s. Why Long. Shorts Impossible.

For Trade service to take GBPJPY short today, More gambling and no conception to a financial #price. How do these people obtain their positions and status while commanding the multitudes down the path to ruin is beyond comprehension.

USDCAD Vs GBPUSD 1.3400’s Vs 1.2500’s, or 900 pips. How long can this whopper distance hold, not much.


Brian Twomey