Weekly Trades USD/JPY and Cross Pairs

One time shot to earn 886 weekly pips. For trades contact brian@btwomey.com

The JPY pairs to trade in order for maximum trade pips are as follows: GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY, USD/JPY, CHF/JPY and CAD/JPY.

Following are 7 weekly trades, 7 entries, 7 targets. Brief trade methodologies are offered as well as longer term targets for traders interested in longer term hold periods. As usual no charts, graphs nor stops needed and no reference to the latest market talk which serves no purpose to price trading except to talk.

USD/JPY offers practically nothing to all JPY cross pairs because on its own, it lacks range. Absolute bottom is located at 106.02, up 83 pips from last July at 105.19.

The weekly break point for higher /lower is located at 109.01, above targets 109.93 then 110.10. Massive resistance is located at 110.28, 110.40 and 110.85.

Long 107.40 and 107.17 to target 108.73. USD/JPY must cross higher 108.09 and 108.45. Longer term target 110.10. Trade 107.40 to 108.73 contains 135 pips.

GBP/JPY. Long 135.42 and 135.12 if seen to target 137.77. Must cross 135.72 and 136.74. This trade contains 235 pips yet long for 235 pips is minuscule in relation to the 147.00 longer term target. Brexit severely holds GBP/JPY and all GBP pairs from much higher levels.

EUR/JPY. January Flash Crash lows, 118.00’s, Closed 121.58, Break Point 122.91. Target 124.88, Massive Brick Walls 125.72 and many 126.00’s. Won’t break anytime soon. Long only strategy to 124, deeply oversold.

Long 121.10 to target 122.50. Must cross to target 121.71 and 122.10. Longer term target above 122.91 is located at 124.88.

EUR/JPY must and will trade to 124.88.This trade contains 140 pips.

AUD/JPY. Long 75.24 and 74.94 to target 76.06. Must cross to target 75.24 and 75.80. Above 76.37 targets 77.49. Longer term target 81.27. This trade contains 82 pips.

NZD/JPY. Long 71.38 and 71.13 if seen to target 72.39. Must cross 71.64 and 72.14. Long above 72.64 to target 73.63. Must cross 73.13. This trade contains 101 pips.

CHF/JPY. Absolute bottom is located at 106.03.

Long 109.35 and 109.12 to target 109.61. Must cross to target 109.35 and 109.57. Above 109.80 targets 110.24. This trade contains 40 pips from 109.12.

CAD/JPY. Long 81.81 to target 82.46. Must cross 82.04 and 82.26. Long above 82.49 to target 83.37. Must cross 82.93 and 83.15. Longer term target 85.00’s. This trade contains 65 and 88 pips.

Overall trade result is 886 pips.


Brian Twomey