Currency Vs Economic Cycles

A full economic cycle, dating to the BOE as first central bank in 1694, is composed of 50 years, divided by 4 cycles of 12 1/2 years.
I call it the 4 quadrants. The 1st quadrant of 12/12 years represents prosperity and certain market Trends. Everyone makes money.
The 2nd quadrant represents corrections and / or market crashes. All crashes happen in 2nd quadrants.
The 3rd quadrant represents fairly range markets as corrections are over yet in preparation to 4th and most vital 4th quadrant.
Today’s markets and Economic cycles are in 4th quadrant, hit absolute perfect in 2008.
4th quadrants sees uncertain markets as today, uncertain economic experiments, govt debts never to repay and the 50 year period end.
Year 2019 represents 11th year to 12 1/2 and this period will end soon.
End means by tradition free float currencies are finished as a new market form will rule the day.
May mean currencies pegged to gold as happened many times in past market cycles, pegged to silver, Bretton woods 1% currency moves.
What;s certain is prosperity lies ahead, peace, no wars. Markets transition into 1st periods rather than crash based on past history.
Full Currency cycles are 9 year events. A full trend up or down, takes 9 years. Means 9 year up or down to include corrections.
That;s mini cycles of 4 at 2.25 years. But 9 and 12 1/2 economic cycle deviate by 3 1/2 years.
                 Brian Twomey

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