Trade Methodologies

Welcome You Tube. I have a You Tube channel but my computer skills don’t currently allow the channel to operate, yet. This explains why I’m found only on twitter @authorbtwomey and Linked In. It also explains why I don’t use nor post charts and graph. All trades for many, many years are hand calculated as I threw away charts over 10 years ago. As I explain to new people, whatever you think you know or thought you knew about trading and forex, leave it at the door when entering my trades and methods. I’m 16 years trading and posted articles since 2007. Yet I don’t get around much but well known around the world.

I’m not a trade service but willing to assist traders to earn from trading.


Here basic Trade Methods

EURUSD The Trades defined


Daytrades Generally Targets 50 -90 Pips one direction, depends on Currency pair Ex GBPCAD 90ish, EURAUD 70ish

Always 2 way Trades available, may double the 50 and 90.

Weekly trade targets 150 -250 pips per Currency

Long term Trades  500 -1000. For example, I have a trader long GBP/USD at 1.1900’s and GBP now trades 1.2900’s. He held this trade for 6 months and never looked back. Most longer term trades are 4 and 700 pips and about a 1 month trade duration. 

Traders know and trust me for many years to be most accurate and earn profits and  its why I maintain multi year friendships and Trade relations.


Brian Twomey


Brian Twomey Weekly Trades Track Record

Here 5 Month per week Track record on 12 currency pairs, we are now trading 18 weekly currency pairs, All posted here on my blog

Given weekly are entries, targets and the main price points to achieve targets, We trade numbers so don’t use charts, graphs nor stops nor concerned with latest market talk blah blah. We are traders and we profit nicely but not addicted to daily market talk as it contains no bearing to a price target. We don’t even watch screens as trades are meant to enter and trade without constant check. Many trades are busy in life and don’t have time to constant monitor and that’s what my trades are designed for. This is 16 years n the making to achieve such perfection




Here’s the record on 12 weekly Currency Pairs for 5 months


Math behind weekly trades