Interest Rate Vs Exchange Rate Positions

Federalreserve Negative Interestrates? No, breaks world dependency to usd


AUD & RBA Interestrates price Opposite USD but AUD exchange rates below to fairly competitive to interest rates


NZD & RBNZ Interestrates priced below USD  but exchangerates priced below interest rates


EUR & ECB Interestrates priced miles below USD, NZD & AUD


GBP & BOE Interestrates Priced between EUR, AUD


USDCAD and BOC Interestrates a Hodgepodge priced around USD and Explains CAD Dead ranges over many months,


expect more of the same as exchangerates priced below Interest rates 

EUR and GBP exchangerates price above interest rates Rates


CHF and SNB lowest interest rates, and Exchange rates priced above interest rates


             Brian Twomey