Focus for this week’s trades are widest range pairs among the 28 currency pairs. The correct order as follows: GBP/NZD, GBP/CHF, GBP/AUD then GBP/CAD. The 5th and next in line is GBP/JPY.

Trades this week are corrections unless GBP/USD breaks 1.2700’s and GBP/JPY high 137.00’s. If a break is seen at reported levels then GBP/USD will trade to 1.2600’s then 1.2500’s and GBP/JPY easily to 136.00’s and 135.00’s.

As usual no charts, graphs, no stops for none are required due to ability to know entries and targets.

All relevant economic information is known inside prices. Weekly trades by known prices are prepared for market implosions should a crash ever happen.


Strategy. Short 2.0183 and 2.0271 if seen to target 2.0007. Must cross 2.0227, 2.0183, 2.0139 and 2.0095.

Shorts just ahead of big lines 2.0346, 2.0359 and 2.0361. Value of this trade 176 – 246 pips.


Strategy. Short 1.8947 and 1.8974 to target 1.8662. Must cross 1.8890, 1.8833, 1.8776, 1.8719 and 1.8691.

Shorts just ahead of low 1.9000’s. Value of this trade 285 -312 pips.


Strategy. Short 1.7077 and 1.7122 if seen to target 1.6852. Must cross 1.7033, 1.6987, 1.6943, 1.6898, and 1.6876.

Shorts just ahead of high 1.7160’s.Value of this trade 225 -270 pips.


Strategy. Short 1.2797 and 1.2836 if seen to target 1.2642. Must cross 1.2759, 1.2721 and 1.2683.

Shorts just below low 1.2900’s. Value of this trade 155 -194 pips


Brian Twomey, Interested in trades then contact brian@btwomey.com